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Registered Phenomena Code: 499

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: Memory Alteration Hazard

Containment Protocols: Standard confidential information protocols. Active containment protocols have not been deemed necessary.

Description: RPC-499 is the designation for the 24-hour time period between 7:34 AM GMT 08/03/06 and 7:34 AM GMT 09/03/06.

There appears to be no record or recollection of the event(s), if any, that occurred during RPC-499. Memories of events that happened during RPC-499 have been deemed artificial memories, presumably planted by the Authority. All Authority documentations that were logged during RPC-499 have been discovered as having been filed retroactively.

There exists no record pertaining to the document falsification carried out by the Authority.

Addendum-1: Attempts to find any physical evidence of what occurred during RPC-499 have been thus far inconclusive, with the exception of three documents.

RPC-499-A is what appears to be a copy of the birth records of Memorial Hospital West for 08/03/06. RPC-499-A, in addition to the other births of the day, logs a baby as being born 3:34 AM (7:34 GMT). The name, gender, and any additional information pertaining to the baby is blacked out. The remainder of the log shows no additional births. Attempts to contact Hospital staff have remained inconclusive, with any and all individuals showing no recollection of the "expunged" birth record. Current records do not include the expunged birth at all.

RPC-499-B is the original document for RPC-499. Discovered by a filing clerk in 2010, the document listed only the following sentence:

RPC-499 is the designation for the 24-hour time period between 7:34 AM GMT 08/03/06 and 7:34 AM GMT 09/03/06.

Attempts to link the original handwriting to the individual deemed responsible have thus far proven inconclusive.

RPC-499-C is the designation for an audio cassette, labeled "8-03-2006" in permanent marker. RPC-499-C is believed to originate from Memorial Hospital West. The fingerprints of a male and female were lifted from RPC-499-C, both deceased, from a car accident and childbirth respectively, 08/03/06. The contents of the cassette appear to have been wiped prior to acquisition.

Addendum-2: See RPC-876

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