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A collection of human bones that were once components of RPC-494, gathered after the conclusion of Operation Forged Ossuary.


Registered Phenomena Code: 494

Object Class: Beta-Orange (Formerly Gamma-Red, further de-escalation to Beta-Yellow pending)

Hazards: Aggression Hazard, Grouped Hazard, Radiation Hazard, Regenerative Hazard, Sapient Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-494 bone pieces are to be secured in lead-lined boxes, held in place via shaped styrofoam. The boxes are stored within a vault room within Site-089, equipped with cement foam dispensers, packed and secured tightly together to minimize any possibility of boxes being shaken loose by internal movement. The vault also contains a radiation alarm that is set to activate should ambient radiation levels increase above 1gy. In the unlikely event that RPC-494 attempts escape, it is to be hosed down with cement foam either by the installed dispenser system or by hand-carried dispensers, and its pieces chiseled out and retrieved.

Personnel must wear standard radiation PPE equivalent to X-ray protection whenever handling storage containers. As of the current revision, a face-screen, lead apron, lead collar and wrist dosimeter are sufficient.

An operational ham radio is set up in a room adjacent to RPC-494's containment chamber. In event of a remaining constituent member of RPC-494 attempting to communicate, personnel donning PPE may utilize the radio to establish a communication link.

Description: RPC-494 is an entity weighing at an estimated 5 tons 40 kilograms; it is a collection of human bones from an estimated █000 █ human beings, which align and arrange together via anomalous means to simulate a gigantic above-average-height human skeleton of 20 meters 2 meters in height.

RPC-494 previously displayed extreme hostility to all human life and assumed a predatory nature, stalking roads during night hours in search of humans to prey upon. RPC-494 rattles its body as it moves, and upon sensing prey would cease its rattling to move silently. Upon seizing a human RPC-494 would kill the human by decapitation via its jaw construct1, attempting to drink the victim's blood out of an instinctual urge. The blood dribbles down RPC-494's hollow cavities and spills onto the ground, while not appearing to confer any strengths and advantages. Once this is done, RPC-494 begins separating flesh from bones to incorporate the victim's bones into its mass2. If facing massed retaliation from a group of humans, RPC-494 will discorporate into a cyclone of animated bones, to either bludgeon and flay its enemies or escape into dense foilage and nearby treelines at speeds up to 50mph.

In addition to the above dangers, RPC-494 is also highly radioactive. Each individual bone piece emits 20mSv of radiation, and as pieces combine to form RPC-494 in its gestalt form radiation levels anomalously increase up to 20Sv3. Any human caught within 5 meters of RPC-494 in its combined form risks receiving a debilitating/lethal dose of radiation within an estimated 4 seconds of exposure, assuming RPC-494 has not already attacked and killed them. Bones from recent victims incorporated into RPC-494 acquire this anomalous form of radiation, becoming new components of RPC-494. Radiation levels appear to fluctuate, lowering when RPC-494 is in a passive state and raising when becoming aggressive.

RPC-494 generally favours one-sided fights and surprise ambushes of lone individuals. RPC-494 is capable of foresight and tactical planning; shedding bones to lay in strategic positions to act as sensors, ambushes and traps. RPC-494 has poor control of fractured and broken bones, and bones that have been thoroughly shattered/splintered lose all anomalous and radioactive effects. RPC-494 will choose to retreat should it lose sufficient mass, discorporating and escaping in a swarm.

RPC-494 may occasionally scavenge graveyards for bones, moreso if it has lost mass from a recent containment/neutralization attempt. RPC-494 appears either unwilling or unable to integrate remains that have been ritually consecrated in funerary rites, and will not disturb graves containing aforementioned remains. During one incident where it ambushed a traveling Shinto procession, it chose to flee rather than attack the Onmyōdō and his attendants4.

RPC-494 does not speak or appear to possess any personality (see Interview Log 2.3) appears to have its actions guided by the collective efforts of Imperial Japanese Army personnel whose remains are worked into its composition. It appears to display heightened aggression and prioritizes attacks towards humans identifiable as Caucasian in ethnicity. RPC-494 will halt all current activities, including "feeding", to immediately attack said foreigners. In particular, RPC-494 becomes enraged should it detect American accents; Ignoring any need to hide or flee, it becomes driven to pursue and eliminate all targets to the point of breaking cover and facing severe retaliation. Caucasians slewn in this manner are not integrated into RPC-494's mass.

This extreme hostility towards Caucasians was discovered on ██/█/2019 when it enraged and attacked a group of english-speaking European tourists, to the point of charging into town in order to hunt down and kill them. Direct witnesses were forced to undergo amnescitization, with casualties and property damage being spun as being caused by a wild boar stampede leading to a vehicular accident that destroyed the front wall of the motel that the tourists were staying in, and had fled into. While the town was initially to be quarantined for a week, it quickly became apparent that RPC-494's radioactive emissions decay at an accelerated rate, and the all-clear was given within 3 days of its leaving.

As of Operation Forged Ossuary's conclusion, RPC-494 now only displays apathy and lethargy, and requires extensive prompting to briefly form an enlargened human skeleton before collapsing. Radiation levels have also lowered by 80-90%, to the point of only requiring basic radiation PPE to handle its remains.

Discovery Log: RPC-494 was first sighted among the ruins of Nagasaki during late 1945, and is believed to have formed from human remains created by the atomic bombing of Nagasaki. RPC-494 vanished shortly soon after being sighted, but not before attacking and killing ██ survivors and relief workers during the following nights. It remained inactive until its reappearance in 2019. This is believed to have been caused by a botched ritual performed by RPC-486 meant to undo the [INFORMATION CLASSIFIED] located within RPC-257.


Following confirmation of RPC-494 being the same entity sighted back at Nagasaki in 1945, suspicion fell to the incident caused by RPC-486 at RPC-257 to be responsible for its release. RPC-486 was subsequently interviewed in the forest outside of Site-089.

While in transit after a failed engagement attempt(resulting in 28% destroyed mass, 7 casualties and RPC-494's escape), several anomalous bones that were captured intact from RPC-494 began to rattle and whisper as the attached Geiger counter erratically oscillated. Personnel reported the formation of crude voices and speech patterns emitted from the counters. After several attempts to pick up on the frequency, a portable radio scanner-communications array is found to be able to successfully tune-in to reveal separate "voices".

Following the leads gathered within Interview 2-3, Authority agents successfully employ the Tokyo census to track down Masuda Tadayoshi, now a centenarian of 102 years and living as a pensioner.

Operation Forged Ossuary

This operation's goal was centered around the final containment/neutralization of RPC-494 at all costs, and follows a three-phase plan:

Phase 1: RPC-494 is lured out of hiding. This is accomplished by American ASF personnel wearing the uniform of 1945 Pacific Theater marines driving through RPC-494's last sighted area during the night, in a restored 4x4 US Military jeep bearing an American flag. More importantly, a loudspeaker set mounted on the jeep is to play a rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner8 at 105 decibels9. The driver is to maintain a speed of 50~80km/h to maintain a minimum safe distance from RPC-494, while staying close enough for it to not lose track of.

Result: Success. RPC-494 is immediately brought into an enraged state, causing it to blindly pursue the jeep for the following 3km to the zone of operations for Phase 2.

Phase 2: 500m prior to Phase 2's zone of operations the loudspeakers and the lights are to be turned off, while operators compensate for their impaired driving via night vision. Masuda Tadayoshi, donning his IJA Officer's uniform, stands upon a stage with his presence magnified via spotlights. He is to halt RPC-494 and attempt to communicate with the controlling entities presiding within it, delivering: the official declaration of surrender, the end of the war, and the official command to stand down. Masuda is to be supported and assisted by members of MST Delta-4 "Garcas" that have been dressed fully in IJA uniforms, and drilled in IJA processionary detail.

Result: Unprecedented success. RPC-494 almost self-terminates without warranting the need to execute Phase 3, despite all measures primed and personnel ready to carry it out.

Phase 3: A contingency plan should Phase 2 fail. The area where RPC-494 halts is lined with numerous claymore mines and other fragmentary explosives, all set to detonate via remote command. Additionally, fully-armed members of MST Delta-5 "Oligarchs" await alongside ASF reinforcements while bringing to bear a wide range of explosive weaponry: rocket-propelled grenades, flak rounds, fragmentation devices and so on to bring down RPC-494 once and for all. Any damage or death dealt to Masuda would have been considered as acceptable collateral damage, as long as RPC-494 is finally contained/neutralized.

Result: N/A

As the Imperial Rescript was broadcasted RPC-494 initially maintained a rigid standing posture. As the script progressed, its bone structure was observed to begin trembling and shaking. RPC-494 then fell to its knees and held its head, seemingly in agonized confusion. Its structural cohesion failed as bones began scattering and falling, starting with the fresher bones. RPC-494 finally adopts a howling motion with its arms thrown out, and begins ripping itself apart as its bone structure fully collapses en-masse.

Despite Delta-5's readying of their weaponry, RPC-494 successfully self-terminates without the need for further escalation. Its fragments are collected, and any remaining anomalous parts were determined by detecting which bone piece continued to emit radiation. As 94% of RPC-494's bones no longer did so, they were declared non-anomalous and shipped off to a shrine for funerary rites.

Masuda passed away in his sleep a few days later, soon after returning home. Family members testified that he had possessed a tranquil demeanour in the days leading up to his passing.

A week post-containment, the bones began to rattle again. Only one frequency was detectable.

RPC-494 has not responded to further hails ever since.

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