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An opened and emptied RPC-490 in an inactive state.


Registered Phenomena Code: 490

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazards: Animated Hazard, Emotional Hazard1, Extra-dimensional Hazard2, Sentient Hazard, Visual Hazard3

Containment Protocols: RPC-490 is kept locked in a standard item containment locker kept adjacent to the bedside of PoI-490. Any noise coming from RPC-490's locker is to be investigated for any further letters or documentation from GoI "L'Academia Della Vera Arte".

Researchers requesting to use RPC-490's tools are to submit the appropriate documentation to Dr. Roberts. As of incident 490-3, testing with CSD personnel harbouring escape desires is not recommended. Testers must have background experience and/or training in artistry to be able to fully bring out anomalous effects from the tools and materials within RPC-490. The creation of negative imagery with RPC-490's paint modifying materials is not recommended.

Description: RPC-490 is the designation given to the hand-carry toolbox of PoI-490, containing an array of tools commonly used in artistry. While several of its tools are non-anomalous, various others are and have subsequently received their own sub-classifications.

RPC-490 is constructed of mahogany wood and contains an ornate ivory handle inscribed with the name "Jean-Henri Gasteau" (PoI-490's name). It weighs approximately 2kg without its tools, increasing to 5.5kg once fully filled. When not observed, RPC-490 will animate itself by projecting 4 wooden legs from each bottom corner and one wooden arm that emerges out of the box's lid (RPC-490 is also capable of opening its lid clasp). The styling of these anomalous limbs are highly reminiscent of miniature ball-jointed mannequins commonly used by artists for posing. How it does this remains unknown, as inspection of the box in its inactive state does not reveal any hidden compartments for these limbs to stow into.

After a period of inactivity and unobservance, RPC-490 "awakens" and deploys its appendages to move about its surroundings to perform basic actions. In order of priority: seeking and reclaiming tools removed from it, rearranging/tidying its insides, then moving towards close proximity of PoI-490 and remaining nearby. RPC-490 will not animate or retrieve its tools while they are being actively used by Authority artists for the purpose of creating new works of art, even if said personnel leaves the room for extended periods of time.

An analysis of RPC-490's contents include the following anomalous tools:

Following approval, several paintings utilizing RPC-490-4 have been created with the aid of local/visiting personnel versed in painting. Below is a log of various RPC-490-4s, containing sub-designations that are coded by emotion: [B]ravery, [T]error, [C]alm, [S]erious, and [O]ther.

Discovery Log

Prior to his hospitalization PoI-490 was observed traveling across Europe and the United States, setting up private art demonstrations with invites selectively given to prospective candidates of GoI "L'Academia della Vera Arte". It is assumed that this GoI kept PoI-490 appraised of candidates and their addresses through anomalous means.

Upon 4th June 201█ at San Francisco, California, MST Alpha-21 "Wolf Pack" was in position to detain PoI-490 for repeated exhibitions of anomalous activity, when GoI "Project Blue Book" pre-emptively ambushed the theater in order to terminate PoI-490.

A standoff intitiated with PBB-3 initially taking hostage of Fox and demands for the destruction of RPC-490. Once the minimum guarantee of their safety was met, Fox was released and all three Blue Book operatives fled through the stage exit without destroying RPC-4908. Audience subjected to amnestics and local news spun into depicting a botched gang robbery attempt. PoI-490 airlifted to Site-002 and placed in a medically-induced coma. While patient is stabilized, his condition remains critical due to bullet perforations of several vital organs.

Addendum 1:

After numerous reports of banging sounds coming from RPC-490's locker and various escape attempts by utilizing its tools, it was proposed to move RPC-490's locker to PoI-490's room; Barring that, the next logical containment protocol update would otherwise necessitate the removal and separation of RPC-490 and its tools. Apparently placated, RPC-490 has not since made any further noises or escape attempts.

Addendum 2:

During a ward round by Dr. Stiles in PoI-490's room, various sounds of paper shuffling could be heard coming from RPC-490's locker. Opening the locker revealed RPC-490 to have opened itself and leaned its lid against the wall of the locker, with a velvet letter directly addressing PoI-490 placed atop its contents.

Monsieur Gasteau,

It breaks our hearts to learn of your predicament. A passionate and inspirational soul such as yours deserves a better fate than to be gunned down by churlish savages unappreciative of life's higher calling.

Long did I argue against the risks of the journey you chose to undertake; the pilgrimage, as you so loved to call it. To walk the world of the inexperienced and the uninitiated, to show those of potential what they too could craft with their minds and hands through the powers of your own… A noble sentiment that has admittedly blessed us with new students, yes, but to ultimately end in a manner as disastrous as this… Most undeserving for someone such as you.

We, your friends and family at the Academy, pray for your eventual recovery and waking. Until then, may your dreams be tranquil, accompanied by brush-strokes towards your next masterpiece.

Professor of Landscape Artistry
L'Academia della Vera Arte

P.S. To the Authority fellows most undoubtedly reading this letter, please continue taking care of our dearest friend. We are of utmost confidence that there is no safer place for his rest and recovery than where you would choose to place him. We shall begin negotiations for his transfer once he recovers.

Addendum 3:

PoI-490 has been brought out of his medically-induced coma.

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