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A night-time CCTV image of RPC-486 roaming through a civillian residency in Takachiho. Note that the fourth tail is concealed by the viewing angle.


Registered Phenomena Code: 486

Object Class: Gamma-Yellow

Hazards: Aggression Hazard (Potential), Contact Hazard1, Sapient Hazard, Transmutable Hazard (Shapeshifter), Tychokinetic Hazard

Containment Protocols: The current containment plan for RPC-486 involves forcibly ejecting it from Site-089's premises and barring it from reentering as an act of reverse psychology. This is in consideration of its rapid adaptation against capture attempts, balanced against its unwillingness to leave RPC-886. A sign has been erected facing RPC-486's residence, displaying a regularly-changed statement to further taunt RPC-486 to keep attempting to break in2.

RPC-486 is provided a food supply of tinned cat food at its habitation outside of Site-089. The sheltered foxhole was bugged during renovations to exploit RPC-486's habit of monologuing, with attention paid to any potential plans to infiltrate Site-089. A janitor is to visit RPC-486's dwelling once a week, collecting and returning all litter for standard garbage disposal. Upon returning, the janitor is to be assessed to confirm that RPC-486 has not kidnapped and impersonated said janitor.

Patrols around Site-089's exterior must be searched for any RPC-486-2s sneaked into their inventory. Staff leaving and entering Site-089 are to remain within transportation at all times. Entries into Site-089 are equipped with thermal imaging cameras.

RPC-486 is to be flushed out of its illusory disguise or hiding spot and escorted/driven out of Site-089 by site security. An investigation should be conducted towards its latest method of entry, with security measures updated accordingly. Hostile actions should not be attempted, especially in consideration of RPC-486's proportionate retaliation against any perceived attempt to harm it.

Personnel approached by RPC-486 are advised not to communicate with it, avoid eye contact, and pay no attention to its threats, demands and coercing. Personnel in close proximity with RPC-486 should be strip-searched for RPC-486-2s, and those afflicted by RPC-486's detrimental anomalous effects should see RPC-886 for examination and removal. Personnel are not required to interrupt their work routines when RPC-486 has been detected within Site-089, though it is strongly recommended to not be in the way of security-led ejection attempts.

Any "gifts" of RPC-486-1 are to be treated with suspicion, inspected for RPC-486-2 and attached to a CSD personnel for determination of function. RPC-486-1s that inflict negative probabilistic effects upon their wearer are to be handled with tongs, stored in a warded and locked security locker in Senior Researcher Junichiro's office. Functional and non-compromised RPC-486-1s that grant beneficial offensive effects are to be kept in a secure locker in the armory of Site-089.

Description: RPC-486 is a polymorphic entity whose base form is that of a female Vulpes Vulpes Japonica. RPC-486 displays unusual physical properties such as dark-brown fur colouration and the base of its tail splitting to form 4 independent tails. It is also larger and presumed to be heavier than ordinary Vulpes Vulpes Japonica, although exact measurements remain unavailable due to RPC-486's highly uncooperative nature.

RPC-486 typically exerts its polymorphic effect to simulate a brown-haired Japanese woman. RPC-486's humanoid appearance matches RPC-886's, but with minor differences such as slightly lower height and a more youthful appearance. Like RPC-886, injuries and conditions acquired in its vulpine form translate on to this form.

RPC-486 is the twin sister of RPC-886, but can be considered the opposite in terms of personality and skillset. Where RPC-886 is amicable, approachable, altruistic, cooperative, professional and not fully acclimatized to modern amenities, RPC-486 is unfriendly, aloof, misanthropic, untrusting and juvenile while rapidly adapting to modern technology and terminology. Unlike RPC-886 who cannot act out its disguises, RPC-486 is a flawless impersonator that can mimic personnel after a brief period of intense observation, down to behavioral tics.

While RPC-886's specialty lies in its pyrokinesis and defensive probabilistic manipulations (employed to assist in the protection of site personnel), RPC-486's specialty is inverted towards illusions and offensive probabilistic manipulations in the form of jinxes and curses. RPC-486 demonstrates precise control over its afflictions, typically inflicting negative effects upon enemies in a manner that simultaneously grants it a tactical advantage. RPC-486 is capable of conveying offensive probabilistic manipulations in a beneficial manner to enhance a recipient's combat prowess/accuracy3, but typically refuses to cooperate until a lengthy list of demands have been met4.

Similar to RPC-886-1s, RPC-486 is capable of creating miniature objects constructed of paper, wood or cloth infused with these effects. RPC-486-1s may either inflict detrimental effects upon its wearer or the wearer's adversaries, or enhance the wearer's offensive capabilities. Due to RPC-486's uncooperative attitude, however, it is more likely to craft RPC-486-2s. These are paper talismans whose function is similar to surveillance devices, allowing it to extend its senses (typically hearing) through. RPC-486 tends to create many RPC-486-2s and putpockets them into personnel whom it encounters in attempts to surveil Site-089 from a safe distance.

RPC-486 is hostile to all attempts at containment and reacts proportionately towards attempts at capturing it, inflicting detrimental effects that range from light misfortune to debilitating injuries. Furthermore, RPC-486 is a talented escape artist and breaches containment shortly after capture. The only factor stopping RPC-486 from leaving the area entirely is the presence of RPC-886; RPC-486 is deeply attached and protective towards its sibling, compounded with guilt for self-perceivedly abandoning RPC-886. This compels it to stay within the vicinity of Site-089. RPC-486 will frequently attempt to infiltrate Site-089 in a bid to reach and contact RPC-886; Once found, RPC-486 usually attempts to convince RPC-886 to leave with it. RPC-886 has so far rejected and refused RPC-486's requests, having developed a sense of attachment, protectiveness and loyalty towards the personnel of Site-089.

RPC-486 has repeatedly insisted to be the older sister between itself and RPC-886. Temporal suspension within RPC-257 for the past two centuries has caused it to retain its youthful and immature adolescent personality, in contrast to RPC-886's matured and experienced outlook. Taking pride as the protective "older sister", RPC-486 sometimes displays shock, dismay and difficulties in accepting RPC-886's drastic and sudden (in its perspective) changes. Confusing RPC-486 as "the younger sister" will most likely provoke a hostile response from it.

Update: Despite RPC-486's defiant and belligerent personality that allows it to override its innate cynophobia, it is revealed to harbour uncontrollable and severe herpephobia5. This was witnessed in its first cross-encounter with RPC-7026, who now has taken a liking towards RPC-486 and actively pursues it whenever sighted for affection, much to RPC-486's horror. However, this disadvantage is not readily exploitable as RPC-702 freely translocates across the Site and attaches to various personnel on a random basis.

On a related note, personnel are reminded that gambling (particularly during work hours) is not approved in the Authority's Professional Code of Conduct guidelines. Personnel placing bets on how quickly RPC-486 can evacuate Site-089 when pursued by RPC-702 are liable to disciplinary review.

Discovery log: It is confirmed that RPC-486 is an escapee of RPC-2577, having fled during RPC-257's own discovery event. RPC-486 was sighted and photographed a few days later by the civilians of Takachiho town, West of RPC-257. RPC-486 is suspected to have caused multiple motor-vehicular accidents and a chickenpox outbreak in the local school. RPC-486 would go on to selectively trade RPC-486-1s and inflict effects upon requested targets in exchange for food and information8, causing the townspeople to develop a negative reception towards the resident "fox witch". This escalated to the point where said townspeople recruited the aid of local Shinto priests to drive out RPC-486, ending in failure with said priests experiencing mishaps shortly after.


A photograph of Takachiho's streets, close to RPC-486's first public sighting.

RPC-486 was approached and successfully persuaded by Agents Okuda Watanabe and Hikage Aoshi to be taken to Site-089 on the condition of being properly updated towards all the changes that had occurred up to the modern age. However, upon overhearing conversation between the agents mid-transit and deducing that "the other fox" in Site-089 is in fact its twin sister, RPC-486 became hostile and caused the transport to crash before impersonating Okuda and infiltrating Site-089. When the impersonation was discovered, RPC-486 went on to cause major site disruptions totaling ¥8M in infrastructural damage and medical bills in order to reach RPC-886.

RPC-486 successfully reached RPC-886's cell and pleaded with RPC-886 to leave the site with it. RPC-486 was rebuffed and forced to flee Site-089 alone, with RPC-886 breaking down and becoming inconsolable from the sudden shock of unexpectedly reencountering its sibling.

RPC-486 has not deserted Site-089's grounds ever since.

During RPC-486's initial intrusions into Site-089, it was decided to attempt capture of RPC-486 for proper containment. However, RPC-486 quickly proved its proficiency at evasion, escape and retaliation. Despite RPC-486's acknowleging Dr. Ippei's request to not assault personnel it quickly established itself to be belligerent and challenging, with escalated attempts to capture it resulting in proportionate escalation of personnel injuries.

It was during these early incidents where it was found out that RPC-486's juvenile and overly wary nature could be turned against it, allowing it to be repelled from the Site with minimum risk.

It has come to my attention that staff have begun adopting peculiar response measures in the wake of RPC-486's retaliatory nature - playing off of its distrustful, superstitious and paranoid personality, this… "missing the forest for the trees" aspect, to repel it with what are ultimately harmless gestures.

I have observed this phenomena for myself, and I am less than impressed.

We are employees of the RPC Authority, and must adhere to a high set of standards, professionalism and code of conduct.

So to witness security guards experimenting with flicking water or salt or beans or performing this "T-posing" action whilst chasing RPC-486 out of the site is the ultimate insult to our organization's principles!

Are we a top-secret clandestine shadow organization, or are we a childish playground of preschoolers?! Get back to acting like adults!

Henceforth, RPC-486 is to be confronted with the proper protocols for capture and containment. Suitable plans have been drafted and will be carried out accordingly.

S.R. Junichiro

<Full interview history, breach logs and audio recordings - access limited to Security Department>

Addendum: With the accidental release of RPC-494, it is confirmed that RPC-486 occasionally leaves Site-089's grounds and roams civilian territory for various reasons through a poorly-understood mechanism involving LoI-089. Attempts to prevent this by patrolling LoI-089 has been met with failure, and proposals to deforest the area and install an outpost is ongoing.

RPC-486 has been strongly warned to refrain from attempting to breach RPC-257 once more. It claims to have no interest in a repeat incident.

Update: A month after beginning the usage of LoI-089 RPC-486 began displaying signs of psychological trauma: Sombreness, listlessness, restlessness and a withdrawn mood, alongside a reduced appetite (as evidenced by several unopened tins of cat food) and has not attempted any infiltration of Site-089. Most alarmingly is that it provided an unused and still-living Malthusian Bio-Modification injector to a visiting janitor, strongly implying an encounter with the hostile GoI "The Church of Malthus". It refuses to comment on how it acquired said item nor what it had experienced with the GoI, beyond vague comments on humanity's changes.

Attempts to query RPC-486 on events have been met with silence or requests to be left alone. Attempts to persuade RPC-486 to seek counseling has failed.

Due to the significance of the Church of Malthus' local activities, a vote decision has been passed to temporarily release RPC-886 out of Site-089 in order to approach and interview RPC-486.

The injectable has been transported to Site-279 for study and research into the Church of Malthus' insights on symbiotic bioweapon creation, usage and regulation practices.

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