Registered Phenomena Code: 485

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Animated Hazard, Aggressive Hazard, Sentient Hazard, Contact Hazard, Emotional Hazard, Psychotronic Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-485 is to be kept within a 23 meter standard Beta-class containment room in Site-279, with a one-way observatory window from the viewing room, and a two-door interlocking system connecting the containment room to the CSD briefing room. The containment room of RPC-485 must be monitored by at least a single ASF operative.

RPC-485 can be attracted by strobing lights, which has been proven effective for containment or transfer in the event of a breach or transfer to its secondary containment room. Currently, the reason behind its attraction to strobe lights is unknown.

RPC-485's containment room is equipped with a secondary room if any Containment Division personnel must enter for any reason. This room is monitored by a standard CCTV security camera and a drone equipped with a strobe light, which can be used to lure RPC-485. This is to avoid the activation of RPC-485 by Containment Division personnel

Description: RPC-485 resembles a human mold of grey, elongated flesh. RPC-485 is 182 cm tall and weighs approximately 35 kg. All limbs of RPC-485 are proportionally accurate to RPC-485's height and approximate weight, though RPC-485 is capable of stretching its legs 9 cm and fingers 18 cm when desired.

RPC-485 has all required bones of a human, though lacks internal organs. RPC-485 has openings within its body which exhibits a clicking sound, it is believed that RPC-485 is capable of displaying emotion with the frequency of these clicks. When RPC-485 is under a state of fear, the frequency of the clicks are rapid, though when RPC-485 is alone within its containment room the clicks are less frequent and quieter.

RPC-485 is aggressive to human organisms when put under a state of fear. This is activated by RPC-485 viewing an individual who already is experiencing a state of fear. RPC-485 is capable of emitting sounds to a human RPC-485 can see telepathically, usually these consist of screams, voices of passed relatives, and/or labored breathing. (See addendum RPC-485-1 for a full list of sounds RPC-485 is capable of emitting telepathically.) This causes a state of fear in the individual being effected, which subsequently activates RPC-485's aggressive state if observed by RPC-485. When RPC-485 stretches its limbs, a loud sound - similar to that of rubber being scrunched together - is emitted from the RPC. The reason RPC-485 emits this sound is unknown.

When RPC-485 is in its aggressive state, it will chase the affected individual until it can physically make contact with the person. When RPC-485 touches the individual, it will age the individual 31-60 years. If the individual is aged past their life expectancy, they will die.

Discovery: RPC-485 was brought to the attention of the Authority after residents of a rural village in Northern Denmark went missing under suspicious circumstances. MST Foxtrot-7 "Highland Cattle" was dispatched to investigate the village and search for possible anomalies.

Upon Foxtrot-7's arrival to the area, RPC-485 was spotted looking over a cliff, staring at the strobing light coming from an operative's helmet-attached flashlight. RPC-485 was later contained within a 1.5 m tall cage and transferred to Site-279 for further research before receiving RPC classification and permanent containment.

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