Registered Phenomena Code: 484

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Organic Hazard, Regenerative Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Bio-Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-484 is currently held at Site-002. RPC-484 is to be contained in a standard airtight concrete cell1 with several modifications. The room is equipped with a filtered ventilation system and 5 UV lights. One surveillance camera is to be positioned in the south-eastern corner. The walls of RPC-484’s cell are fitted with an automatic sprinkler system which hydrates RPC-484 once every 24 hours at 3:00am lasting for a duration of 10 minutes. In the event of a power failure, RPC-484’s cell is connected to a back-up generator. Any personnel to enter RPC-484’s cell must be quarantined for 2 hours.

Description: RPC-484 is a plant-based roughly humanoid entity measuring 3.2 meters in height. RPC-484 has a large mouth covering its entire face, but lacks all other external facial features. RPC-484 has a biological composition similar to that of Delairea odorata2. Thick vines can be produced by RPC-484 to ensnare prey3. Signs of sapience have been observed from RPC-484 however, it is not capable of speech or any other form of advanced communication. During initial recovery, it was discovered that RPC-484 possesses extreme regenerative capabilities.

RPC-484-1 is a microscopic spore released by RPC-484 as a method of controlling a living brain. When inhaled, it takes effect within hours. After this time, RPC-484-1 multiplies and fully takes control of the subject’s brain putting it under direct control of RPC-484. The only known cure for those infected with RPC-484-1 is to move the infected patient at least 2 km away from RPC-484 causing RPC-484-1 to seemingly lose their connection to RPC-484 and lose effect. Those infected with RPC-484-1 can be manipulated by RPC-484 to speak and communicate with other humans though, they are only capable of forming simple sentences.

RPC-484 is docile to humans unless provoked. When a victim becomes ensnared in RPC-484’s vines, high concentrations of RPC-484-1 are injected into the victim’s bloodstream causing them to be infected and under the control of RPC-484 within minutes. An ensnared victim is usually released after eight seconds as this time is all that is necessary for RPC-484 to inject a sufficient quantity of RPC-484-1 into the victim through the vines they are entangled in. Footage has shown that RPC-484 lays dormant in a fetal position while in containment. When in this state, RPC-484 gradually grows thick vines out of its body which spread across the surface of its containment cell.

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