When the Whale Calls





Registered Phenomena Code: 482

Object Class: Beta-White

Hazard Types: Auditory Hazard

Containment Protocols: A single digital copy of RPC-482 is to be kept stored in Site-732's secure data center. RPC-482 is not to be played in the vicinity of any member of the Cetacea infraorder except under testing conditions under any circumstances. Any other copies of RPC-482 are to be destroyed or deleted where applicable. Should an online or other unregistered digital instance not be susceptible to deletion, access to it by non-Authority personnel should be prevented until deletion becomes possible. Should this also be impossible, any transfer of the RPC-482 instance should be monitored, and any device detected to have accessed RPC-482 be tracked. Individuals who have accessed RPC-482 without authorization should be amnesticized or terminated as necessary. Anyone caught spreading RPC-482 maliciously is to be terminated.

Description: RPC-482 is a recording of a Megaptera novaeangliae1 mating call. The audio is 35 minutes and 23 seconds in length, with the calls playing from 0:12 to 34:24. An unknown low frequency tone can be heard through the audio's entire duration. RPC-482 has no effect on humans and under most circumstances appears non-anomalous. However, RPC-482 manifests its anomalous effects when it is heard by a female member of the Cetacea infraorder2, excluding those who are members of the Delphinoidea superfamily3 and the Inioidea and Platanistoidea superfamilies4. When heard, the effected subject does not appear to exhibit any notable change immediately. However, further observation reveals that a fertilized egg has appeared within the subject's womb. Initially, the egg grows in a similar manner to non-anomalous pregnancies of the subject's species. However, the development shifts drastically after an average of 3 months of pregnancy. The fetus' structure shifts dramatically over the course of the following month. At the end of this time period, the fetus resembles an enlarged human fetus at the same stage of pregnancy. Gestation continues for the duration typical for the subject's species. During this period, the fetus develops into an adult human.

Upon the pregnancy's completion, the subject gives birth. The resulting human, designated RPC-482-1, is typically identical to a non-anomalous human 20 years in age, with the exception of an atypical deep blue eye coloration. The RPC-482-1 instance will then swim to the surface, where the mother will then emerge from below them and carry them to the nearest landmass. It is unknown why this behavior occurs, though it is possibly caused by residual effects of RPC-482. Upon successfully carrying the RPC-482-1 instance to shore, the mother will then resume typical activity if possible, though complications such as beaching can prevent this. The RPC-482-1 instance will then begin to wander, usually towards unpopulated regions. If human contact is established, the RPC-482-1 instance will cease all activity for a moment. When activity resumes, the instance will show symptoms identical to retrograde amnesia, with the individual not recalling any previous experience or their origin. They will also possess full knowledge of the local region's language and several basic facts. At this point, RPC-482-1 instances are indistinguishable from non-anomalous humans save for their origin and eye color.

If the instance is not contacted, they will continue wandering until they have entered an area with heavy visual cover such as a forest and are not being observed. When these criteria are met, the individual will disappear shortly after. Attempts to track the individual after this point have failed, and all remote video or audio recording equipment or location tracking devices have ceased function when or shortly before the disappearance occurs. It is unknown how this disappearance occurs, though it is likely that the disappearance can be attributed to relocation (see Addendum-482-A).

Addendum-482-A: After tracking a device which had been detected to have downloaded an instance of RPC-482, several individuals associated with the Group of Interest Cetace's Kin were discovered at the location. Due to this group's affiliation with whale- or cetacean-based anomalies, and similar activity being recorded in the group's frequent attempts at distributing RPC-625, it is likely that the group was involved in RPC-482's origin. It is also possible that RPC-482 is a audio recording of an as of yet unregistered anomalous entity, though this is far less likely considering the group's usual behavior. One member of this group was discovered to possess the deep blue eye coloration typical in RPC-482-1 instances, rather than the usual stage 2 RPC-625 affliction observed in other members of the organization. Documents located at the site were discovered to refer to this individual as a "highborn" who was apparently the leader of the "pod" conducting the download of RPC-482. As such, it is possible that an RPC-482-1 instance's disappearance may be caused by abduction by Cetace's Kin or an unknown affiliated group. Further investigation is pending.

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