Mountain Landscape at Sunset





Pictured, RPC-478

Registered Phenomena Code: 478

Object Class: Neutralized

Hazard Types: None

Containment Protocols: The item is to be stored in a stable temperature and dry environment.1 RPC-478 is currently contained in the east wing of St. John the Hesychast on Vesuvius, Italy.

Description: RPC-478 is a damaged 19.0 × 11.2 cm painting made from watercolor, ink and gouache on paper, mounted on an olive wood frame. The painting depicts a colorful landscape scene including mountains, trees and a lake illuminated by sunset. A church is visible in the distance, as are two figures on a boat and a child on a path. The focal points of the painting are the natural features. Stylistically, the work is undoubtedly inspired by the work of Albrecht Altdorfer of the Danube school.2 The item currently demonstrates no anomalous properties. All accounts of anomalous activity have been recorded and maintained by the monks of St. John. Due to the significant time span that the item has remained inactive, removal of its RPC designation is under consideration.

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