Thirteen-Pointed Crown




Registered Phenomena Code: 472

Object Class: Alpha-Orange

Hazard Types: Aggresion, Sentient, Organic, Regenerative, Tychokinetic, Sapient?1


RPC-472 at nighttime, slightly deviating from its position.

Containment Protocols: Due to Site-013's isolated location, RPC-472 presents no threat to secrecy. However, it is known to have left Site-013 at least once and traveled approximately 1.3km North before returning: Site-013 personnel should continuously observe RPC-472 in the event it departs again.

Personnel known to express fear, hatred or paranoia directed to RPC-472 are to be directed off-site. For this purpose, ASF guards will be instructed to bring personnel that repeatedly observe RPC-472 to Wing A in order to undergo psychological screening.

Should RPC-472 become hostile toward Site personnel, the individual in question must be protected without directly harming RPC-472.

Site-013 is operated only by a skeleton crew of Containment personnel due to the risk posed on their physical and psychological health by RPC-472's presence. No further anomalies are to be brought to Site-013 unless strictly necessary. The Office of Ethics and Review may process formal requests to transfer anomalies to Site-013 on the grounds of no other containment facilities being readily available. The decision of OEaR may be overruled by GD-ARCH.

Description: RPC-472 refers to an avianoid2 lifeform currently perched on top of Site-013's Wing C, on a radiocommunications tower. RPC-472 has remained on this location for approx. 56 years (Last Updated: 19/08/2020), remaining motionless for most of this period, blinking at a frequency between ten and five times per minute. RPC-472's eyes appear to be focused on Wing A (Gamma Containment.)3 View Appendix for a registry of irregular activity from RPC-472.

RPC-472 appears not to possess normal biological processes or necessities. It has not consumed food, excreted, stretched, or yawned during Authority observation. It has rarely demonstrated hostility, but appears to do so only in retaliation.

RPC-472 is believed to be entirely unique: no organisms, remains or representations thereof within baseline reality or other extradimensional locations are known to match its physical appearance, although an anomalous species native to ALTR-D2AJ possesses a remarkably similar cranial structure. [View Site-002 Archive Sector » Recovered Document D2AJ/#949 "ARC-616" for further information.]4

RPC-472's head is ~60cm in length from base to tip of the beak, and is primarily characterized by thirteen sharp, skeletal protrusions organized in a circular manner around its frontal area.5 Eyewitnesses regularly compare such protrusions with canine teeth, despite their location. RPC-472's eyes are disproportionally large, being five times bigger than would be expected of standard avian organisms, and have yellow irises that exhibit significant bioluminescence. While measuring it has not been possible, it is believed RPC-472's ocular luminescence is in excess of 800lm, or twice that of an average LED lamp.

Its beak corresponds with that of standard avian organisms, with a characteristic serration or "toothing" being noticeable along the upper mandible.

RPC-472's torso measures between 210 and 280cm. Its feathers are black in colour, but they have been witnessed to be white in colour during a series of specific incidents. RPC-472's chest has a distinct blue tint, particularly noticeable around a set of nine empty cavities that corresponds with what is believed to be the location of its heart. Close observation of such cavities reveals osseous structure with striking resemblance to human ocular cavities.

Due to RPC-472's location and its "huddled" position, other aspects of its appearance are difficult to observe. While the rest of its body appears to be proportional to standard avian organisms, it has been observed to possess three pairs of wings instead of one. Eyewitness accounts occasionally describe it as possessing up to four pairs and a single extra dorsal wing, but no visual evidence to support such claims exists.

RPC-472 exhibits a protective probability-warping effect around itself: attempts to harm it routinely result in failure by a variety of reasons. This effect is not infallible. Other anomalous properties have been rarely observed; view Appendix.

RPC-472 was first sighted on January 13th, 1964, between 2 and 4 hours after the communications tower on which it is currently perched was erected during the construction of Site-013. It circled the tower for a further five hours before landing on it, at which point it began attentively observing the ASF personnel that had reunited to respond to the potential threat. RPC-472 appeared to lose interest after 3 hours of observation, turning its sight to the future location of Wing A.

On the following days since its manifestation, numerous attempts to sedate or neutralize RPC-472 were made: all of these failed due to its protective capabilities. Due to the isolated location of Site-013, it is not believed RPC-472 was witnessed by any individuals before arriving to the construction site.

A tendency for Site personnel to unconsciously associate RPC-472 to seemingly unrelated religious figures has been discovered, slightly increasing in incidence rate since the foundation of Site-013: memetic screenings do not return positive indication of anomalous influence, suggesting this to be a normal psychological response.

The communications tower in question has remained unused since its erection for fears of unexpected interaction with RPC-472, with an alternate station being built on the week after its manifestation. Due to lack of maintenance and having experienced extreme wind on numerous occasions, it is believed the tower may collapse on the following decade.

[Appendix #001-472a: Irregular Activity.]

[Appendix #002-472b: Group of Interest "Crowsingers".]

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