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A partially decoded instance of RPC-471-A with RPC-471-C-1 visible.


Registered Phenomena Code: 471

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Extra-dimensional Hazard

Containment Protocol: Instances of RPC-471-A are to be monitored during broadcasts, and recorded for later decoding. Information obtained from decoded recordings of RPC-471-A is prohibited from being filed electronically. Any signs of geographical identifying features visible in instances of RPC-471-A are to be reported immediately. The address of PoI Rick Harrison is to be withheld from public view, and any information regarding the location of RPC-471-A.

Instances of RPC-471-B are to be recorded and filed physically. The verified chat rooms operated by RPC-471-C are to be monitored at all times for any changes in the rate of RPC-471-B occurrences. The text comprising RPC-471-B is to be put on the content blacklists of major internet sharing sites.

RPC-471-C are unable to be contained. Personnel are required to heavily monitor areas of ongoing political conflict for signs of RPC-471-A broadcast.

Description: RPC-471 is the designation for a set of anomalous cognitohazards relating to the popular reality program "Pawn Stars". RPC-471-A is the designation for any video media related to the program "Pawn Stars". RPC-471-A appears as a standard reality television show to viewers. RPC-471-A was not discovered until segments of the program had been decoded by a Authority device tasked with scanning internet data for signs of anomalous cognitohazards, resulting in the discovery of RPC-471-A's true nature. RPC-471-A is an memetic boundary created by a third party to disguise the transmission of video footage of violent acts, which include human torture and experimentation.


Screenshot of an instance of RPC-471-B, coded and decoded. Click to enlarge.

RPC-471-A was initially categorized as alpha-white until discovery of related anomalies was documented. In 2016, there was a sudden emergence of a variety of internet posts related to the general content of RPC-471-A. These posts gained a large amount of popularity in internet humour sites, spawning several popular culture "memes". In response to the sudden increase in prevalence of RPC-471-A, decoding of posts relating to RPC-471-A began, resulting in the discovery of RPC-471-B, and RPC-471-C.

RPC-471-B is the designation for a variety of internet posts containing text taken directly from RPC-471-A. RPC-471-B, when decoded, contain variable text messages addressing instances of RPC-471-C. An IRC chat channel was discovered consisting entirely of users posting instances of RPC-471-B.

RPC-471-C is the designation for a group of quasi-corporeal entities responsible for creating RPC-471-A and RPC-471-B. RPC-471-C are occasionally seen in RPC-471-A, and appear as indistinguishable silhouettes with white pigmentation corresponding to the location of the eyes. It is unknown why RPC-471-C possess no discernible identifying features. RPC-471-C do not vocalize when present in RPC-471-A, and communicate with other instances through RPC-471-B. The presumed leader of RPC-471-C instances has been theorized to have connections to PoI "David Jettison".

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