"I'm Not Him!"






Item #: RPC-470-J

Object Class: Non-Existent Annoying Neutralized

Containment Protocols: Containment of RPC-470-J is unnecessary, as it does not exist. RPC-470-J is to be contained via me kicking your ass! shut the fuck up! I'm not the YouTuber! RPC-470-J is no longer funny, and is to be considered neutralized.

Description: RPC-470-J is Researcher Petersen A psychological phenomenon That makes everyone think I'm RPC-470-J-1! I am not! My channel is Dr Vodka RPC Resarcher Ezekiel for god sakes! I bet the motherfucking ASSHOLE TURSYNBEKOV MADE THIS UP TO MAKE ME CONSTANTLY PISSED OFF! NO! I WILL NOT READ YOUR REPORTS BECAUSE I'M NOT HIM YOU FUCKHEADS! RPC-470-J-1 Makes good content. You shoud subscribe. Just because I'm named Ezekiel doesn't mean I'm the reader! Goddamnit. Why?! Why Me?! As of 12/3/2018, RPC-470-J has not been reported since. I can't believe I had to beat Tursynbekov with a pipe just to make you all stop.

Discovery: RPC-470-J was never discovered, because it is not real. I'll tell you exactly what happened! That asshole Tursynbekov contracted that guy to read our reports to piss me off! He probably put a miserable CSD in charge of that fucking YouTube channel to make everyone annoy me! I'm going to kill that slimy Kazakh bastard!

"It's working!" - Senior Researcher Tursynbekov1

Addendum: Bro this shit is hilarious! - Dr. Arin "Blarin" Blair

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