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A population of RPC-469.


Registered Phenomena Code: 469

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Grouped Hazard, Organic Hazard, Sapient Hazard

Containment Protocols: OL-Site-469 has been established on Saipan1 under the cover of an Authority front company, and is to be staffed by personnel with both military experience within the Japanese Self-Defense Forces and historical expertise regarding Japan during 1919 to 1944. No official documents regarding RPC-469 are to be made available in Japanese.

RPC-469 instances are to be misinformed on the current geopolitical status of Saipan and Japan, per Cover Protocol 469. See Addendum 469.1 for more information regarding Cover Protocol 469.

Approximately 2,000 instances of RPC-469 are to be collected and transported to Site-279 for research, under the guise of "annual offering to the Emperor of Japan". All non-CSD personnel interacting with RPC-469 instances within Site-279 are to self-designate as researchers from "Unit 732"2. RPC-469 instances are to be contained within the Sapient Anomalies Wing of Site-279, with termination of RPC-469 instances permitted whenever necessary.

All non-CSD personnel handling RPC-469 are to be of Japanese origin, and all CSD personnel interacting with RPC-469 are to be clothed in garments similar to those worn by Allied prisoners of war throughout the Pacific War.

Description: RPC-469 is the collective designation for approximately 76,000,000 instances of Alate3 local to Saipan. Anatomically speaking, RPC-469 instances are indifferent to non-anomalous instances of Alate.

The anomalous qualities of RPC-469 stem from the sapience of RPC-469 and subsequent self-designation as the "145th Special Attacks Brigade", a brigade-level military unit under the Imperial Japanese Army. The "145th Special Attacks Brigade" has not been mentioned in any official military records within the Imperial Japanese Army.

Extreme loyalty towards the Empire of Japan, as well as Emperor Hirohito and the Imperial Japanese Army is displayed by RPC-469. Sapience of relatively larger clusters of RPC-469 has been confirmed, as large groups of RPC-469 have been known to communicate. The exact size, if any, at which RPC-469 instances lose sapience and subsequent loyalty is believed to be under 1000. This number was derived from RPC-469's inability to communicate when fewer than 100 instances of RPC-469 are clustered as a result of RPC-469's mode of communication. See Test Logs 469 for more information.

Limited deviations are observed from the behavior of RPC-469 when compared to non-anomalous instances of flying ants, with the exception of openly displaying aggression towards individuals on Saipan of Caucasian origin. This is exhibited through a multitude of methods, usually involving intentional ramming of individuals with Caucasian descent, sabotage of vehicles driven by Caucasian individuals, as well as damaging property under ownership of Caucasian individuals.

As of this writing, there have been ████ documented incidents of RPC-469 attacks since documentation began on 11/12/1946. However, as Authority personnel have only been able to reliably monitor 11.5% of RPC-469 activity, it is estimated that there may have been upwards of █████ actual incidents.

Discovery: While the anomalous effects of RPC-469 have been documented by individual United States servicemen since the invasion of Saipan on 15/06/1944, claims of had been dismissed as exaggerated stories until the discovery of sapient qualities for RPC-469 on 30/11/1946. An OL-Site was subsequently established on military establishments in Sapian.

Addendum 469.1

Due to the level of fanaticism RPC-469 exhibits in regards to the Empire of Japan and the peripheral entities of the Empire of Japan, as well as the extreme amount of RPC-469 instances present on Saipan, current containment procedures have been designed for the purposes of deluding RPC-469. As such, RPC-469 are to be misinformed of the current geopolitical status.



Any personnel in contact with RPC-469 or operating on OL-Site-469, are to maintain Cover Protocol 469 AT ALL TIMES

Make every effort to REMAIN IN CHARACTER. Your acting could prevent a MAJOR CONTAINMENT BREACH.

Cover Protocol 469 is to be refined accordingly in the event that significant geopolitical and/or social changes occur on Saipan.

Addendum 469.2

Listed in this addendum are recovered writings created by RPC-469.

Addendum 469.3

Documented within this addendum is a list of incidents where the risk of RPC-469 breaching Cover Protocol 469 was present.

Addendum 469.4

On 05/06/74, approximately 100,000 instances of RPC-469 attempted a gyoksai charge. The instances of RPC-469 participating in the gyoksai charge were able to severely damage local facilities of the United States Army and the United States Air Force, as well as result in the deaths of 78 United States servicemen. All 100,000 instances of RPC-469 were terminated in the gyoksai charge.

The following writing was recovered on 09/06/78, believed to be ascribed by participants of the gyoksai charge.

The aforementioned writing was removed on 10/06/78. All Authority personnel are not to mention this gyoksai charge towards any RPC-469 instances.

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