Da Vinci's Bizarre Friend




Beta-Orange.png Beta-Orange Registered Phenomena Code: 465

Object Class: Beta-Orange
Responsible Departments: Engineering.png Department of
History.png Department of
Physics.png Department of
Psychology.png Department of

Hazard Types: h-ballistic.png Ballistic Hazard h-incorporeal.png Incorporeal Hazard h-mechanical.png Mechanical Hazard Psychotronic.png Psychotronic Hazard h-sapient.png Sapient Hazard h-explosive.png Explosive Hazard h-electric.png Electromagnetic Hazard h-destabilization.png Destabilization Hazard h-extra-dimensional.png Extra-dimensional Hazard h-newtonian.png Newtonian Hazard h-visual.png Visual Hazard Mind_Alteration_Hazard.png Mind-Alteration Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-465 is contained in the Beta wing of Site-002. Due to its inert state, RPC-465 can be safely stored in a large containment room with a Level 3 magnetic lock. RPC-465 is assigned a quarterly scheduled cleanup and inspection.

Due to the anomalous energy source installed within RPC-465, MST Alpha-5 "Thor's Hammer"1 are to examine and if necessary take RPC-465 into a small race track with an integrated rail system to naturally expend any excess energy accumulated by RPC-465. RPC-465-1 is to be collected from the inner troughs and stored in airtight security containers.

The disassembled cannons are stored adjacent to RPC-465 in the same containment room for any purpose of testing and/or interviews. Aforementioned cannons that are reinstalled into RPC-465 are not to be manipulated and/or used for firing purposes.

Summoning RPC-465-2 is only to take place once a month, and requires the joint authorizations of both the Site Director and Head researcher. Personnel are not to be within RPC-465 when RPC-465-2 is being summoned. Only personnel with extensive knowledge of pure mathematics (geometry, algebra, calculus, logic, number theory) should directly communicate with RPC-465-2. Personnel who abuse this function and somehow escape being [REDACTED] by RPC-465-2 will be reprimanded accordingly. Personnel [REDACTED] by a provoked RPC-465-2 are to be sent to the psychiatric ward for further psychiatric evaluation and mental mapping.

No personnel or CSD-class may fire the cannons beyond testing purposes unless in extreme circumstances. Using RPC-465 for any type of test or containment of an anomaly is strictly forbidden, see containment breach log.


A sketch of RPC-465. The original sketch without the cannons was lost.

Description: RPC-465 is a variant of the "Mechanical Turtle": a project worked on by Renaissance-era Italian inventor Leonardo Da Vinci, popularly considered to be the precursor of modern military tanks.

RPC-465 is ringed by 16 cannons and within is a two-tiered system of a viewing nest at the top, and a driving cabin at the bottom. The driving cabin features an anomalous system of self-synergized dynamos with magnetic brakes and accelerators that act as the engine of RPC-465. These anomalous mechanisms and properties are absent from the publicly-known designs of the vehicle, which instead feature a hand-cranked driving mechanism linked to incorrectly-reversed gears that would prevent the vehicle from moving were it to be constructed as such2.

While appearing normal from the outside, the interior of RPC-465's cabin hull and cannon muzzle interiors feature engravings depicting an assortment of pure mathematical equations and Latin script. The materials that compose the cannons are non-anomalous in nature and resemble conventional cast-iron cannons from the 15th century.

RPC-465's inner mechanisms generate RPC-465-1 as a form of waste. RPC-465-1 is an iridescent and unstable powder that accumulates within intentionally-designed collection receptacles lined around RPC-465's mechanisms. RPC-465 will continue to generate RPC-465-1 even while inactive, although at a greatly slowed rate compared to when RPC-465 is being actively utilized.

If RPC-465-1 is used as a primer for any type of ballistic weapon, the energy released upon impact with a solid object causes a marked decrease in the Anderson Coherency Scale resulting in the appearance of an extra-dimensional "tear" at the point of impact. These holes are capable of causing the projectile to anomalously penetrate all solid obstacles that it passes through until it runs out of this anomalous form of energy.

Holes that are large enough are capable of acting as a dimensional gateway. This usually results in the unintentional entry of extra-dimensional entities into this reality that display high degrees of hostility or aggression, then expiring and liquefying shortly after leaving the hole. Observations and autopsies performed upon any entities that have not significantly liquefied suggests their physiology is not able to maintain vital functions within our baseline coherency scale(ACS-4).

Prolonged usage of RPC-465's cannons or the carrying-out of a process detailed in Da Vinci's confiscated journal results in the conjuring of an extra dimensional entity labeled RPC-465-2. The wards and engravings within RPC-465 appear to draw RPC-465-2 from its native dimension to inhabit and possess RPC-465. RPC-465-2 is best described as mollusk-like in nature; it is an invertebrate that combines with RPC-465, causing the hull to warp into a fluted organic shell. A ring of blue-hued, white visual receptors line the observation tower of RPC-465, and the equations within the cannons activate to project a protective sheath around RPC-465-2's tentacles that emerge from the barrels. The innards of RPC-465 becomes fully occupied by RPC-465-2's body. Finally, the lower and upper halves of the hull disconnect, allowing RPC-465-2 to use a vertical "piston" mechanism to separate and lift the upper hull from the lower, in the manner of an opening and closing of a 360-degree shell.

RPC-465-2 can be communicated with, but efforts are hampered by several factors: RPC-465-2 features a distinctly alien mindset that does not comprehend various human concepts such as life, death and the space-time continuity as we know of it. Additionally, it does not fully understand human language and communication patterns, and must be communicated to in complex mathematics. Finally, RPC-465-2 displays a somewhat-easily irritable disposition and may wish to not be disturbed, sometimes demanding to be expelled back to its home dimension3. Should personnel or interviewers refuse to allow it to leave, RPC-465-2 will proceed to utilize its tentacles to [REDACTED] any nearby humans into performing the necessary steps to banish it back to its home dimension, usually resulting in various debilitating effects such as temporary/chronic dementia, insanity, catatonia and altered senses.

According to the confiscated journal, RPC-465-2 was encountered by Leonardo Da Vinci during his breakthrough observation of its home dimension. The two would then overcome significant communication obstacles to engage in mutual endeavors. Da Vinci described that RPC-465-2 is driven to seek a particular colour, and that RPC-465 was designed as a protective outfit for it to safely enter and exist within our baseline reality in a highly limited manner, similar in concept to a pressurized diving suit. In exchange, RPC-465-2 would assist in providing a novel source of energy to power Da Vinci's inventions, possibly opening up new direction of technological growth.

Corroborating with Da Vinci's entries is the observation that RPC-465-2 can be persuaded to voluntarily extend its stay and provide additional info by providing it with a random assortment of objects that bear various colors and patterns. RPC-465-2 will carefully inspect said objects, before bringing any that particularly catch its interest into its "jaws" where the object is never seen again. Based on translated interviews with it, it is roughly understood that RPC-465-2 is attracted to colors whose changing hues can be controlled, or are resistant to change. RPC-465-2 appears to display an astonished reaction towards the concept of one color being presented across varying optical properties(matte, glossy, metallic etc.). What RPC-465-2 ultimately seeks to do with these colors is unknown, though it is believed to be sent back to its fellow entities for some form of cultural/religious purpose.


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