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RPC-464 (c. 1965)


Registered Phenomena Code: 464

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Extra-Dimensional Hazard, Sensory Hazard, Memory Alteration Hazard, Visual Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-464 was acquired in 1960 following the signing of the Worms Treaty.

Trespassers must be detained by guards or local police officers, and amnesticized if necessary. Two undercover ASF personnel are to guard the building, rotating shifts every 14 hours. CCTV security cameras have been installed inside and around RPC-464.

All potential entrances separate from RPC-464's front door have been sealed with concrete.

Description: RPC-464 is a warehouse constructed in 1934 by an unknown party, located in northern Manhattan, New York, USA. RPC-464 was built primarily using concrete and bricks, customary of most buildings in New York City at the time. RPC-464 was purchased from an unaffiliated company by Reeds Express Ltd., a subsidiary of VP Investment Inc., in 1952.

RPC-464 measures 50.304m by 77.4192m by 52.7m wide on the outside. The structure's interior is far larger than its exterior dimensions, measuring at 121.92m3. The interior's walls, floor, and ceiling are composed of 25cm3 large stone bricks, resembling onyx or obsidian in composition, sealed with a white clay-like substance. The space inside RPC-464 cannot be viewed from its windows, appearing pitch black or foggy during colder weather.

A vertical shaft covered by a wooden hatch is located at the center of RPC-464. Upon looking down the shaft from above its door, the shaft appears 43 meters deep. At the bottom is a metal latch, covered in a thick layer of rust. This shaft, designated RPC-464-1, exerts a perceptual effect upon all non-native objects or entities approaching it; after falling for approximately 12 meters, these will appear to either cease moving or disappear entirely. However, further observation reveals that they continue to descend in either case.

Persons who enter RPC-464-1 are unable to be viewed from the outside upon descending 12 meters. Subjects who have returned from RPC-464-11 describe the shaft's base gradually moving farther from reach. Eventually, RPC-464-1's end will be engulfed entirely by darkness. At this point the top of RPC-464-1 will obscure itself from view as well. Subjects have reported a rancid stench at this point. Notably, all questioned subjects have invariably associated this smell with a decomposing carcass, most often a human corpse. The latch at the bottom of RPC-464-1 remains unreachable.

Scraping sounds are sometimes heard from the inside of RPC-464-1. Vocalizations, believed to belong to a human female between 18 and 24 years of age, are reported to continuously emanate from the shaft. Speech has not been observed as of yet; the entity at the bottom of RPC-464-1 only screams.

Addendum: Relevant media recovered on-site

Journal entries converted into digital form. Said journal was uncovered in a wooden box buried outside of RPC-464 on June 18, 1960.




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