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RPC-463 instances, prior to Event 463-A


Registered Phenomena Code: 463

Object Class: Beta-Black (Utility)

Hazard Type: Sapient Hazard, Mechanical Hazard, Tychokinetic Hazard

Outdated Containment Protocols: The three instances of RPC-463 are to remain within Sub-Level 4 of Containment Sector A of Site-074, with their mouths restrained until annual testing. Under no circumstances are any instances of RPC-463 to be allowed to speak, excluding annual testing or interrogation. Access to RPC-463's containment area and Containment Sector A is restricted to Level-4 personnel only, with no exceptions.

Instances of RPC-463 are to be allowed outside their containment area only after a 463-Θ event, in which case they are to be escorted by four Containment personnel, with firearms out of view. They are not to be allowed outside of Sub-Level 4, with punishment of immediate termination and restriction of speaking privileges for a 365 day time period, regardless of possible needed 463-Θ events. Initiation of 463-Θ events is restricted to specific personnel with Level 5 clearance, upon majority vote by the Global Directors.

Updated Containment Protocols: The remaining instance of RPC-463 is to be kept within Sub-Level 4 of Containment Sector A, in Site-074. The outdated containment protocols are to remain in effect, although RPC-463 is not to be allowed outside of its containment area under any circumstances. Instead, RPC-463 is to be rewarded for good behavior by being allowed information regarding the current whereabouts of GoI "RCP Authority".

Description: RPC-463 is a group of three mechanical entities entity, with rubber constructs resembling human mouths. It is unknown the manner of which RPC-463 achieves speech, as no speakers or other audio output methods have been found within its mouth. No power input systems have been discovered within RPC-463, although wiring is visible.

All instances of RPC-463 prior to Event 463-A were subject to a host of anomalous properties, however all properties that RPC-463 instances possess may be nullified by closing their mouths1. When an instance of RPC-463 speaks, a number of things will occur, including alteration of baseline reality. RPC-463 instances unanimously showed a notable unwillingness to utilize any of their anomalous properties, instilled by the GoI "RCP Authority".

Although near to nothing is known about RPC-463's past experiences within control of the RCPA, it should be noted that RPC-463, after event 463-A, is now a singular entity. The remaining instance of RPC-463 still possesses the anomalous properties it previously possessed, that being probability manipulation. When RPC-463 speaks, anything it says (within the realm of logic) is guaranteed to happen, provided it says a specific date of the occurrence. RPC-463 has never been observed using this property to manifest anything within a 24 hour period of the event, leading personnel to believe it is unable to do so.

Unlike other recovered RCPA anomalies, no 'field guide', nor indeed any form of written/digital media detailing how RPC-463 was utilized by the RCPA has been found. It is believed that RPC-463 was a unique anomaly in the RCPA timeline, which is extremely uncommon. This was confirmed by Event 463-A.

Further research into this topic concludes that, despite RPC-463 knowing the anomalous properties of RPC-378 instances, it only knew due to once being under the control of the RCPA. Shortly after Event 463-Alpha, RPC-463 was seen "mourning" the other two deceased instances, its mouth visibly quivering during the process. It then initiated an unauthorized 463-Θ event, saying that the two deceased instances would enter an afterlife. This has yet to be confirmed or denied.

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