Registered Phenomena Code: 460

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: Mechanical Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-460 is to be kept in the cafeteria lounge of Site-015 for the use of all Personnel in the facility. No outstanding containment protocols are required for RPC-460. Due to RPC-460's mundane nature, discussion on if RPC-460 should be considered as a Lesser Anomalous Object is currently ongoing.1

Description: RPC-460 is a █████████ █████-██ Hot Chocolate Dispenser standing at around 60.96 centimeters in height, 19.685 centimeters in width, and 50.8 centimeters in depth. RPC-460 weighs 3.26796 kilograms. Additionally, RPC-460 is attached with a decorative logo on the front of the machine that states "██████ ████████████" with the caption, "Enjoy some nice HOT COCOA!".

Two notable features of RPC-460 are both its lack of any power cord and the inability to open the contraption, with the common █████████ █████-██ Hot Chocolate Dispenser opening compartment being sealed with no opening. Additionally, RPC-460 lacks any connection to a water source, in contrast to identical, non-anomalous copies of █████████ █████-██ Hot Chocolate Dispenser.

RPC-460's anomalous property is the ability to produce Hot Chocolate2 without any need for any ingredients or power. It is currently unknown how RPC-460 is capable of producing any of these beverages and all attempts to artificially open RPC-460 to view its contents have failed.

Discovery Log: RPC-460 was discovered at Site-015 following a shipping error by transport personnel. The Logistics department of the Containment Division has confirmed that no records of a hot chocolate machine are found for the delivery of the said machine. Investigation to the original sender location of RPC-460 is currently ongoing.3

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