Registered Phenomena Code: 459

Object Class: Gamma-Orange

Hazard Types: Extra-Terrestrial, Grouped, Psychotronic, Sapient, Transmutation


Figure 459-A: Clearest available imagery of RPC-459

Containment Protocols: RPC-459 no longer requires permanent containment. Occasionally, RPC-459 will 'visit' Earth, arriving at Site-096, following approval from the Directorate and Site Director Thomas Ridge. Upon arrival, Mobile Specialized Team Whiskey-7 (Space Force) are to escort RPC-459 to research head Dr. Waylon Murke.

A standard humanoid containment cell should be prepared for RPC-459, along with numerous pieces of lierature, a painting and an assortment of films of the snuff1 genre, all of which should be rotated each time RPC-459 departs from the Authority's custody.

Occasionally, RPC-459 may request to engage in conversation about an assigned topic. Specialists in said topics may be approved for a 3 hour maximum conversation.

RPC-459 is forbidden from returning to earth with other members of its race. Should a member of RPC-459's race accompany it to Site-296-49C-Heligoland, MST Whiskey-7 are to utilise a Jessop-Disruptor2.

Description: RPC-459 is a sapient, humanoid light construct. RPC-459 will dress in various Victorian-era attire, most notably a suit, top hat and black leather shoes. RPC-459 maintains a physical presence, but prefers the use of a light-based telekinetic ability to interact with nearby objects.

RPC-459 is capable of creating malleable constructions of light by utilizing nearby light sources. It uses this ability to create attire, preferring to construct humanoid clothing.

RPC-459 possesses the ability to convert any form of organic life into a light construct similar to itself via reconstruction at the atomic level. Such instances are designated RPC-459-1. RPC-459-1 retains its physical shape and consciousness, but will acquire abilities similar to RPC-459.

Addendum 459.1: RPC-459 was interviewed by Dr. Murke on █.█.20██ to further understand its motives. This interview is attached below.

Addendum 459.2: Observation Logs.

Addendum 459.3: RPC-459 was interviewed by Dr. Murke on █.█.20██ per request of the Directorate for pending departure request. The interview is attached below.

Addendum 459.4: Official statement from the Directorate.



After lengthy consideration, the Directorate has decided to allow RPC-459 to depart from Earth and return to its home planet. It would also be preferable if it would take the one RPC-459-1 instance, but it may remain in containment if it wishes to.

RPC-459 will be allowed to return to Earth, but arrival is to be approved by the Directorate and Site Director Thomas Ridge. RPC-459 must arrive at Site-096, and is to be escorted directly to Dr. Murke. Furthermore, RPC-459 is forbidden to return with any other members of its race.

Failure to comply with these instructions will result in permanent containment of RPC-459 until it agrees to these conditions.

To ensure that RPC-459 follows these terms and to prepare for its arrival, Mobile Specilized Team Whiskey-7 has been created and stationed at Site-096.

We are not appealing to it because it wants to learn, but rather, its presence is dangerous enough that a peaceful departure would be the best option.

Ensure RPC-459 understands these terms.

Addendum 459.5: RPC-459, after agreeing to the terms of the Directorate, departed from Authority custody on █.█.20██, accompanied by the one RPC-459-1 instance. Containment has since been deemed unnecessary.

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