Registered Phenomena Code: 457

Object Class: Omega-White

Hazard Types: Memory Alteration

Containment Protocols: RPC-457 is uncontained and likely will remain so. All personnel affected by the anomaly are to be informed of its properties and encouraged to ask for a proxy to approach RPC-457-1's alleged schedule with the desire to inform the instance of said personnel's newfound unwillingness to interact with it. Almost all requests as of now have been met with success, though affected personnel report it leads to a decrease in RPC-457-1's morale.

Description: RPC-457 designates the appearance of memories concerning Researcher Joshua Duncan (hereby designated RPC-457-1), an individual for whom there is no evidence of existing. The anomaly is primarily localized to Site-024, RPC-457-1’s alleged place of employment.

The pattern in which RPC-457 manifests has allowed Site-024 personnel to construct an entire schedule for RPC-457-1, which has apparently remained mostly consistent for all 14 years of RPC-457-1's alleged service at Site-457. Personnel affected by RPC-457 describe RPC-457-1 as a quiet, thoughtful man, very rarely actively involved in affairs but capable of providing good advice. The alleged entity does not appear cognizant of its nature.

Minor anomalous occurrences are also occasionally observed in accordance with memories manifested by RPC-457. Common retroactive changes include:

  • The brewing and subsequent disappearance of coffee, often with sugar and alcohol
  • Detraction of an additional researcher salary from Site budgets
  • Morale improvement in personnel purported to have a close relationship with the theoretical entity
  • Completion of documents assigned to certain researchers
  • Doors being found ajar
  • Appearance of opened/half-consumed bottles of alcohol in the cafeteria, usually some sort of brandy
  • The writing of short, comedic notes on certain researchers' desks

Through interview of individuals affected by the anomaly, the Authority was able to track RPC-457-1's supposed history back to Cannon Beach, Oregon. At the alleged address of RPC-457-1's childhood home, Rebecca Grace,1 a 54 year old woman, was found to reside. Authority investigation of psychiatric reports and family testimony found no evidence of Grace being affected by RPC-457; Grace has also never claimed to and does not have a child. Despite this, annually, on RPC-457-1's alleged birthday, Grace travels to a local cemetery wherein a gravestone sits, with no record of burial existing. Upon the stone are written the words: "Joshua Jedediah Duncan - May his soul always be with us." Grace does not have any recollection of these journeys.

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