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An instance of RPC-456. South East Wales. Note that images appear to reflect the cameraman's preferences.

Registered Phenomena Code: 456

Object Class: Omega-White

Hazard Types: None

Containment Protocols: None.1

Description: RPC-456 designates a species of orchid that only manifests on gravesites. RPC-456 instances can seemingly subsist on any environment, being recorded to grow on stone, asphalt, silt, snow, ice, etc., and do not appear to require nutrients. Instances do not reproduce nor grow but simply manifest when a grave is unobserved. They do not produce pollen.

RPC-456 exhibits memetic properties; individuals who perceive RPC-456 will perceive it to be their preferred species of flower.

Graves affected by RPC-456 generally are of individuals who had few close loved ones in life; 65.3% of recorded instances have been on graves of individuals without any close relationships prior to their death.

Should it be that the grave RPC-456 grows on is not legibly marked with the individual's name, a wooden gravestone of moderate quality will manifest alongside RPC-456, engraved with a message carved in the language of which the buried person was most fluent. It reads:

A good child. Rest well.

If the individual viewing RPC-456 does not have a preference for a certain type of flower, RPC-456 will appear as white chrysanthemums.

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