Registered Phenomena Code: 455

Object Class: Beta-Purple

Hazard Types: Tychokinetic Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-455 and 455-1 are to be kept in a 150cm x 110cm x 150cm electronic lock safe. The combination must only be told to the researcher and two officers that come to perform what is labeled in 455-1 as “Trattenere il bambino”, but for the sake of professionalism, will be designated as “Session-E”. Session-E is to be performed twice a year, once on March 15th, and the other on November 20th. Both instances of Session-E must take place at 15:00.

Session-E has been translated and simplified from 455-1 as so: On both dates at 15:00, an unsuspecting CSD, whom has zero knowledge of RPC-455, is to be brought into the room that 455 is kept in, by two ASF officers and one researcher. Then, as all four persons are in the room, the researcher is to bring RPC-455 out of the safe, one of the officers is to slit the CSD’s throat, then the other officer is to hold them and ensure that their blood flows into the bowl connected to the front of RPC-455 until it is completely full. It has been noted through observation that the statue absorbs the blood into itself through anomalous means.

Description: RPC-455 is a 120cm x 80cm x 120cm marble statue. The very top of which are two figures, underneath those is a platform, then a large sphere in the middle, a bowl molded onto the middle of the sphere, and finally a base. The first figure seems to be male, at least 4 pairs of wings cover its back, as well all pairs overlapping the others, while the front of the head is nearly pushed against that of the other’s. It can clearly be seen as a male humans, it has three other faces along the head as well. A lion’s face on the left side, an unidentified bird’s face on the back, and a crystal-covered humanoid face where the only perceptible features are two eyes and a mouth. The male figure is in a missionary sexual position on top of the second. The second figure under the first is clearly female, as seen by the breasts on its torso. The female figure has a humanoid head, along with long hair, the only inhuman facial features for the female are its very large eyes. The rest of the female’s body, while human shaped, can be described as draconic, featuring scaly skin, and large talons on its feet and hands. The female also has what appears to be a tail that can be seen closely from the back side.

RPC-455-1 is a leather-bound book with six hundred pages, only eight of which are filled. The first five pages feature a story regarding a male "heavenly host" and a "woman of hell" whose relationship is described as "star-crossed" or bound to end [1]. The following page is labeled at the top, “Trattenere il Bambino”, which gives detailed instructions for what The Authority has designated Session-E. The next two pages are all translated as “mishaps”, all chronicling times that the previous owners of the statue forgot to perform Session-E [2]. The pages are all written in Italian.

Background: The Authority came into possession of RPC-455 in 1890. The monastery held the RPC in ████, Italy since ██/██/1001, which, according to the story within RPC-455-1, was the same year it was created. The monastery contacted The Authority after a third incident wherein Session-E had been forgotten, resulting in a massive earthquake. Believing that the prestige of being entrusted with the item was no longer worth the danger.

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