Amazing!… Co. "Chewy" Bars






Registered Phenomena Code: 451

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types:

Containment Protocols: RPC-451 is to be kept in a standard Alpha-White Class storage locker at room temperature at all times. Testing must be approved from no less than two level 3 researchers.

Due to its inert nature, it requires no active security. During testing, no less than five security personnel must be on duty, equipped with AP rounds to dispatch any possible anomalous threats.

Description: RPC-451 is a variety pack of Amazing! Co. granola bars containing 20 chocolate chip bars, 14 dark chocolate chunk, and 14 peanut butter chocolate chip. The object has "Try 'em all!" written on the back of box in a sharpie. Due to the urban location it was found in, analyzing handwriting for any POI's was considered not worth the authorities time. Originally containing 48 granola bars, by the time of containment, RPC-451 had 43 bars remaining, missing 3 from chocolate, 1 from dark chocolate chunk, and 1 from Peanut Butter. Currently, there are 40 bars left. 16 bars of chocolate chip, 12 of peanut butter, 12 of dark chocolate chunk.

While uneaten and undisturbed, no anomalous properties will manifest. These bars will, however, melt, as it does not seem the materials have changed from a normal granola bar. It is unknown if the properties of the granola bar can be transferred if the object melts, but this is considered a containment breach and is to be treated as such. Only once they are digested will any anomalous properties come forward. The following are logs of testing.

Incident Log 451-1: RPC-451-3 reports feeling intense pain across his entire body, and starts clawing at his skin. After a minute of this, RPC-451-3 stands up and starts to run at the ASF operators guarding the door. The ASF operators open fire at RPC-451-3 to no effect, bullets falling off of the subject as if his flesh had turned into an impenetrable substance. After two seconds of sustained fire, the commanding officer on duty ordered a full retreat behind the reinforced door. The subject, running at the pace of an average human, could not make it to the door before the squad retreated and closed the door.

RPC-451-3 rammed his body into the door for the next 12 hours, pausing for short periods of rest, yet his body showed no wear or tear from the repeatedly rammings of his shoulder against the reinforced door. After this time, the subject sat against the door and pleaded to be let out. Under orders from the site administrator, the door was to not be let open, due to a lack of any confirmed method of containment. RPC-451-3 expired from dehydration at approximately 84 hours, 33 minutes, and 12 seconds after the incident occured. When ASF confirmed the subjects death, they found their bullets no longer repelled.

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