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Project Personnel Info


Assigned Facility: Site-███

Director of Research: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Assigned Response Teams(s): “See No Evil”, “The Good Guys”, and “Wall Defenders”

Assigned MST(s): November-7 “Hammer the Gamma”

Director of Containment: Joshua Backers


Registered Phenomena Code: 450

Object Class: Gamma Beta-Red

Hazard Types: Bio-Hazard, Microscopic Hazard, Mind-Control Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-450-A instances are to be kept in standard humanoid containment units in OL-Site-██. RPC-450-A instances are not to be brought to Site-███ due to the risk of infection to non-infected personnel. Personnel working in OL-Site-██ and LoI-450 are to follow decontamination protocols.

Personnel found to be infected with RPC-450 are to be terminated immediately. Personnel who have interacted with said infected personnel are to be placed in quarantine and monitored for signs of RPC-450 infection. Personnel working with samples of RPC-450 are to wear Class IV Hazmat Suits.

Rapid Response Teams located in OL-Site-██ are to secure a perimeter around OL-Site-██. RRT “See No Evil” and RRT “The Good Guys” are to guard the perimeter of OL-Site-██ against any instance of RPC-450-A. Any civilians found around the perimeter of OL-Site-██ are to be sent to quarantine. If said civilians don’t show any signs of RPC-450 infection, then said civilians are to be sent to Site-███ to receive amnestics and sent to their nearest family member. Civilians questioning the whereabouts of said civilians before apprehension should be given Cover Story-450.

A sixty (60) meter-tall security wall is to be maintained around LoI-450. Entrance to LoI-450 is to be done via the underground system of Site-███ that leads to OL-Site-██. RRT “Wall Defenders” are to secure the perimeter of RPC-450.

Description: RPC-450 is a complex Lyssavirus1. Samples of RPC-450 are contained in OL-Site-██. RPC-450 has 50% lethality with a 100% infectiousness. Transmission of RPC-450 happens through exposure to infected mucous and exposure to any and all bodily fluids infected with RPC-450. Symptoms of infection with RPC-450 manifest no more than twenty-four (24) hours after exposure and include:

  • High fever following flu-like symptoms.
  • Headaches.
  • Excess salivation.
  • Muscle Spasm.
  • Mental Confusion.
  • Excess Hunger.
  • Loss of all body hair.
  • Nausea or vomiting.
  • Sensitivity to light.
  • Increased metabolism.
  • Loss of higher brain function.

After twenty-four (24) hours of a subject being exposed to RPC-450, said subject will become an instance of RPC-450-A. RPC-450-A are in a constant state of aggression around non-infected individuals. RPC-450-A have shown increased strength and speed. RPC-450-A instances hunt in groups of ten to twenty. Mammalian organisms can be infected and turned into instances of RPC-450-A. Animals RPC-450 can infect include but are not limited to Homo sapiens2, Canis lupus3, Felis silvestris4, Procyon lotor5, and Sciuridae6.

Discovery: RPC-450 appeared in the New Clinton Towns, Washington on 01/03/2000. It is believed patient zero was a woman named Atara A. Altis. Atara was a former member of the Church of Malthus. It is believed the subject created RPC-450 and purposely infected herself. Subject then drove herself to the shopping district of New Clinton Towns and began to attack and infect several civilians before being shot by local authorities. Two days after the incident sightings of RPC-450-A instances began to crop up around the city. Groups of RPC-450-A instances started attacking people in the urban district of the city. CDC agents along with USOC’s7 OESA8 agents were sent to investigate the attacks by RPC-450-A instances. Authority agents located in the shopping district were able to recover the body of patient zero.

Authority agents were told to take Saint Maria Hospital building for research upon RPC-450. The Saint Maria Hospital would later become OL-Site-██. Hospitals around New Clinton Towns were filled with infected. Once word got back to OESA that their agents were terminated by several RPC-450-A instances the United States’s 33rd Special Operations Squadron alongside OESA agents were able to quarantine both the shopping district and the urban district. Infected personnel were able to spread RPC-450 outside of the quarantine zone. Military quarantine failed on 01/21/2000. Authority Mobile Task Forces secured the perimeter of New City and on 01/25/2000 a security wall was constructed around New Clinton City.

Addendum 450-A: Survivor Groups Inhabitanting LoI-450
Survivor Group-# Location Description Status
Survivor Group-01 Suburban district Description: Survivor Group-01 protects a group of 67 civilians in the suburban district of LoI-450. Survivor Group-01 has been hostile to Authority Mobile Specialized Teams operating in their area. Active
Survivor Group-02 Shopping district Description: Survivor Group-02 is a group of people that are taking shelter in the top of the roof of a Macy’s building. Saved
Survivor Group-03 Shopping district Description: Survivor Group-03 are a group of people taking shelter in what is believed to be a police station. Survivor Group-03 is surrounded by 30 instances of RPC-450-A instances. Active
Survivor Group-04 Urban district Description: Survivor Group-04 is a hostile group of individuals. Survivor Group-04 uses RPC-450-A instances to their advantage to attack other groups of survivors. Survivor Group-04 are hostile to Authority Strike Forces. Active
Survivor Group-05 Urban district Description: Survivor Group-05 occupy the rooftops of several high-rise building in the Urban district. They are apparently in conflict with Survivor Group-04 members. Saved
Survivor Group-06 Urban district Description: A group of 100 civilians who believe RPC-450 is a sign of God's wrath against sinners. Survivor Group-06 is in constant conflict with Group Survivor-04 and trade supplies with Survivor Group-05. Active
Survivor Group-07 Camping district Description: A group of civilians who retreated into the camping district of LoI-450 due to the lack of RPC-450-A instances. Group Survivor-07 leaves the Camping district to search for supplies. Gone
Survivor Group-08 Suburb district Description: A group of 26 civilians that take shelter in a soccer store. Saved

Addendum 450-B: Incursion into Camping District

Addendum 450-C: Operation Extermination
Several remotely controlled cars are to drive around LoI-450 to attract several groups of RPC-450-A. Said cars are to lead the RPC-450-A group into the camping district. Two B-21 Raiders armed with two (2) M.O.A.B missiles are to launch its missiles at the camping district. After the bombing RRT "The Good Guys" and MST-November-7 are to exterminate all instances of RPC-450-A in the Shopping district. One Authority Platoon is to be dropped off at the Suburban to combat both Survivor Group-01 members and RPC-450-A. Another two Authority Platoons are to be dropped at the Urban district to combat RPC-450-A instances and Survivor Grouping -04 members. Operation is to take place in ██/██/2019.

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