An example of RPC-447's topology. This topological structure is likely the most varied ever recorded. Image taken by Researcher Gibson.

Registered Phenomena Code: 447

Object Class: Beta-Black

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-geological.png Geological h-grouped.png Grouped h-sapient.png Sapient h-extra-dimensional.png Extra-Dimensional h-gravitational.png Gravitational

Containment Protocols: A large barrier is constructed around RPC-447 and the town of █████████ has been evacuated. After a "PUTT" event ends, one personnel lacking long-form commitments with a high mental strain limit will start a new "PUTT" event by challenging an instance of RPC-447-1. They must lose the game at all costs.

Should the latter part of the containment protocol fail and something important be "lost", all AOIs friendly to the Authority are to be notified and joint cover up programs are to be enacted.

Description: RPC-447 is an anomalous golf course, located in █████████, Connecticut. RPC-447 is constantly shifting in size and topology, taking up an area of 0.3-2 km2.

RPC-447-1 denotes a group of identical anomalous humanoids resembling the same forty-year old Caucasian man dressed in standard golf attire.1 Instances have not been recorded ingesting any sustenance, but still maintain an overweight physical nature. RPC-447-1 are fluent in all known languages,2 but apparently exhibit a mix of French and Italian accent in all speech. All instances answer to the name "Tony". RPC-447-1 instances will randomly manifest and de-manifest at irregular intervals, but never during a game of golf or during the designated "grace period". There appears to be no limit as to the number of RPC-447-1 instances that can manifest at one time.3 The beginning of a game involving an instance of RPC-447-1 is designated as a "PUTT" event.

Instances of RPC-447-1 do not understand how to play golf. Despite this, RPC-447-1 maintain immediate knowledge of all details of the state of the "PUTT" event at any given time, such as how many points each player has scored, and will readily give out information on the state of the game. RPC-447-1 are apparently unable to learn from mistakes, often making the same mistake multiple times in a row. Because of this, RPC-447-1 will almost always end with a large number of points.4

A "PUTT" event is initiated after an instance of RPC-447-1 is challenged to a game of golf by either another instance or a human player, to which they will always accept. Games of golf played in "PUTT" events play by baseline golf rules. If an instance of RPC-447-1 breaks a rule, they will add a significant number of points to their score. If a non-RPC-447-1 player breaks any of the rules, they will be "lost". Only one "PUTT" event can be in play at a time, and players are able to join a "PUTT" event at any point of the game.

Whenever a participant enters a "PUTT" event they must audibly announce a wager. Failure to announce a wager does not stop a player from participating, but if not done, an item in their possession will be randomly chosen and treated as a regular wager. Participants are limited to wagering personal possessions, and RPC-447-1 instances will always announce a wager. When a "PUTT" event concludes, the player in last place will "lose" what they wager.5

RPC-447-1 instances do not necessarily have to initiate a "PUTT" event, but new "PUTT" events will generally begin at most 1 week after the last "PUTT" event as RPC-447-1 instances seem to be naturally competitive. "PUTT" events can last up to over a year of continuous golfing.6

"PUTT" events will only continue from around 9AM to 10PM EST, whereupon all RPC-447-1 instances will de-manifest.7 Upon arrival of the next day, RPC-447-1 instances involved in the "PUTT" event will reappear and continue the game.

Attempts at apprehending instances of RPC-447-1 or stopping a "PUTT" event have resulted in the "loss" of all individuals who participated in the attempt.

Discovery: RPC-447 was discovered on █/█/19██, after reports of a shifting golf course attracted the attention of American law enforcement. OESA8 officials allowed the Authority to take control of containment due to the apparent anomaly being inconsequential prior to the ending of "PUTT" event 9/3/1923.

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