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RPC-444 advertisement as seen on ███████.com during the broadcast 444-13 containment breach.

Registered Phenomena Code: 444

Object Class: Gamma-Orange

Hazard Types: h-sentient.png h-extra-dimensional.png

Containment Protocols: Instances of RPC-444 are to be intercepted and replaced by a localized radio signal produced by a series of dedicated transmission stations set up at predetermined locations where RPC-444 has been known to manifest. Following the events of Broadcast 444-13, MST X-Ray-6 "Annullifiers" is to monitor popular internet forums and media sites for any instances of RPC-444. A cover story involving a pirate radio station and an alternate reality game1 has been prepared for circulation in the event of a containment breach. All intercepted instances of RPC-444 are to be archived for informational purposes.

Description: RPC-444 is an anomalous radio broadcast transmitted live at randomized locations throughout the continental United States. Transmissions manifest weekly, every Friday between 23:00 and 00:00 local time in an approximate area of 225 km². Technical analysis of RPC-444's signal has revealed it to be divergent from modern radio frequencies and attempts to replicate the broadcast signal thus far have proven unsuccessful. Due to the unpredictable nature of each broadcast, RPC-444 is to be treated as a high priority intel breach. At this time, the exact origin of RPC-444 is unknown.

Each RPC-444 broadcast consists of a radio talk show referred to as "The Karma Cast", a program that offers a variety of financial, spiritual, and relationship advice to listeners who call in, often with the assistance of a special guest co-host. Supplementary research into the identities of the co-hosts featured in each broadcast has revealed that they are all persons who were officially documented as having passed away prior to their appearance on the show. Additional research has also revealed that a number of those individuals chosen to be co-hosts had previously called in to the show and asked for some form of advice when they were still alive.

RPC-444-1 is believed to be a human adult male whom serves as the show's primary host. RPC-444-1 refers to himself as "Kenny Karma" and claims to reside in the town of Painkiller, New Mexico.2 RPC-444-1 speaks with an indistinguishable dialect and appears to be knowledgeable in a plethora of peculiar topics, including multidimensional drug trafficking, sexual apocalypse survival, and ██████ folklore.

The following is a selection of notable RPC-444 broadcast segments.

Following the events of broadcast 444-12, RPC-444 ceased to manifest at its usual time. This persisted for two months, leading Authority researchers to believe that the anomaly had been successfully neutralized. However, on 5/4/20██, Authority agents on an unrelated assignment were alarmed to find that a new instance of RPC-444 had emerged in the form of an audio podcast on the popular video sharing website ███████.com. Please see Broadcast Log: 444-13 for additional information.

Authority agents were able to use internal resources within ███████.com's technical department to quickly remove the podcast and delete the account responsible for uploading the video but it is estimated that over ████ individuals may have been exposed to RPC-444 during its 5 minute 21 second run time, with viewers able to interact with RPC-444-1 and his guest host via an integrated chatroom.

Following the events of this incident, RPC-444 has attempted to manifest itself ████ times across various media sharing websites. Thus far, Authority resources have been able to subdue 98% of RPC-444 instances, though it is believed that approximately ███ instances may have been downloaded onto personal devices across the world through illegal file sharing websites.

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