Spin, oh Spin




Registered Phenomena Code: 442

Containment Rating: Alpha

Lethality Rating: White
h-emotional.png Emotional h-visual.png Visual

Containment Protocols: RPC-442 is to be kept in an Alpha-class containment locker inside Site-██, accessible only by Level 2R or higher personnel. Any personnel experiencing attraction to the geometry produced by RPC-442 are encouraged to limit their own exposure, and if needed, admit themselves for psychiatric evaluation.

Description: RPC-442 is a felt tip pen with an inscription which reads: L'Academia Della Vera Arte.1 The object's anomalous abilities manifest themselves when it is used with the intention of drawing a basic, two dimensional geometric shape. All angles, curves and proportions will represent the ideal of the drawn shape. For example: Circles drawn using RPC-442 will have a constant radius, triangles with appropriate proportions, rectangles with perfectly parallel lines, and curves with archetypal angles of rotation.

Human observers of the shapes produced by RPC-442 will express satisfaction, stemming from an increase of neural transmitters and hormones. Furthermore, prolonged viewing has resulted in non-anomalous addiction.2 Dependency begins once RPC-442's shapes begin replacing common sources of dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin. The strength of the effect is miniscule, and different individuals show varying levels of natural resistance. However, it has been discovered that the user of RPC-442 themself is at a greater risk, and that extended use can cause treatable, but immensely severe conditions.


The Golden Spiral, the shape Salomé drew.

Discovery: RPC-442 was discovered in ██████, France, after a viral video surfaced of a young Remy ██████ recording his neighbor, Salomé ████, through a window. Authority attention was summoned when a majority of comments expressed views on the many spirals Salomé had drawn on his walls, celling, and floor, instead of the fact that Salomé was standing naked in the middle of the room, spinning. Suspicions of anomalous art prompted the Authority to investigate the shapes, leading to the discovery of their perfection. A more thorough exploration found a gilded box containing RPC-442.3 Laying beside the box, was a diary belonging to Salomé.4 Relevant entries have been documented below.

After containment, several letters from The Academy of True Art were sent to Site-██.

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