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Registered Phenomena Code: 439

Object Class: Gamma-Red

Hazard Types: Aggression, Regenerative, Organic, Mechanical, Sapient

Containment Protocols: RPC-439 is to be held in a heavy containment unit with an electromagnetically locking door. A large electromagnet is also to be fitted to the base of the unit and is to be activated whenever the staff enters the containment unit. RPC-439 is to have no furnishings, and any objects found on RPC-439's person are to be confiscated. Additionally, RPC-439 is to be restrained in a straight jacket at all times, with no exceptions.

In the event that RPC-439 breaches containment RPC-439-1 is to be alerted to the situation, and all sections between RPC-439's containment unit and RPC-439-1's office are to be evacuated of all personnel, outside of emergency scenarios.

Personnel assigned to RPC-439 containment detail are to be equipped with standard assault rifles, with an under-barrel 40mm grenade launcher. Personnel are also to be issued standard 40mm anti-regenerator thermite grenades for the purpose of incapacitating RPC-439 in the event of a breach.

Description: RPC-439 is a bio-mechanical entity with a feminine humanoid shape. RPC-439 is 1.67m tall, has black hair, dull red eyes, and is of a slim build. RPC-439 possesses para-biologically enhanced regenerative capabilities, which allows RPC-439 to siphon materials from the area around itself to regrow both the organic and mechanical parts of its body at impossibly fast speeds. Additionally, RPC-439 possesses notably increased speed and strength when compared to a standard human subject.

RPC-439's bones are composed of a high-quality tool steel rather than traditional bone material. With the skull being of particular interest, as it is composed of a single piece of steel with the jaw being a separate piece of steel. Additionally, the logo for the group of interest known as Kabushiki Kawaii can be found engraved on the back of RPC-439's skull.

RPC-439-1 is the designation of Dr. Katherine Saito, an Authority researcher that RPC-439 has developed an extreme romantic obsession over. RPC-439 seems to have an innate knowledge of RPC-439-1's location relative to itself and has used this sense in a wide variety of ways.

RPC-439 displays psychopathic tendencies, commonly displaying no care for human life. RPC-439 is capable of drawing up and enacting extremely complex plans to accomplish a wide variety of tasks. These tasks can range from breaching containment to acquiring objects from or for RPC-439-1, and in some extreme cases attempting to terminate those that RPC-439 believes are a threat to RPC-439-1.

RPC-439 only cooperates with RPC-439-1 and will fulfill any request given by RPC-439-1 to the best of its abilities. However, RPC-439 will fulfill these requests by any means that it deems necessary. Normally RPC-439 will use violence to accomplish these tasks, even if there is an easier alternative method that doesn't involve violence.

It should be noted that Dr. Saito is not pleased with the "relationship" that RPC-439 has developed with her. While we understand why personnel would want to keep a safe distance from Dr. Saito because of RPC-439, it shouldn't get in the way of your work. - Department of Human Resources Head Heinz Scheffner

Addendum.1: Recovery

RPC-439 was recovered on 02/10/2019 during a raid on a Kabushiki Kawaii shipping warehouse. Hostile anomalous humanoids, acting as security, were present during the raid but were terminated by Authority personnel. RPC-439 itself was found in a medically induced coma within a modified shipping container. The following documents were recovered from Kabushiki Kawaii transport personnel.

Addendum.2: Recovered Kabushiki Kawaii documents

Addendum.3: File update

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