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This document is an uncensored version of RPC-438.

The means by which amnestics are manufactured is not to be shared with individuals lacking Black Site clearance. The exact location of RPC-438 is to remain classified.

The censored RPC-438 document is to be purposefully distributed to Authority personnel not operating within Black Site. Any individual found to share the following information with non-authorized individuals will be amnesticized and reassigned.

The following document is to be read by newly-admitted members of Black Site's "Amnestics Department for the Production and Research of Lethium" for a better understanding of Memotic science:

Access: Memotics Overview


Registered Phenomena Code: 438

Object Class: Beta-Red (Utility)

Hazard Types: Aquatic Hazard, Toxic Hazard, Memory-Alteration Hazard, Mind-Regression Hazard, Extra-Dimensional Hazard.

Containment Protocols: Black Site-438 has been built on the now-deserted town of Archaia Feneos, Corinthia, Greece. Black Site-438 is to be used for the manufacturing and exportation of amnestic products to Authority assets around the globe.1

Neighboring settlements are made to believe that Archaia Feneos has been deserted due to a massive leakage of toxic waste into the town's water supply, becoming too dangerous for human hospitability. Unauthorized individuals attempting to enter Archaia Feneos are to be detained, questioned and amnesticized.

Access to the lake is only permitted to MST X-Ray-11 ("Dream Catchers"). Any individuals attempting to enter the lake without permission are to be shot on sight. All unauthorized individuals that enter the lake are to be considered unrecoverable. On the rare occasion that individuals manage to escape the lake by their own volition, they are to be captured and euthanized.

Description: RPC-438 is a high-magnitude memotic ground2 residing at the floor of lake Doxa in Archaia Feneos, Corinthia, Greece. Memotic Dumps like RPC-438 act as pseudo-singularities, allowing for the passive entry of memotic vectors into the physical space. In this case, vectors will mix with the water, toxic waste and organic remains in the lake to form RPC-438-1.


The currently accepted version of RPC-438-1.

RPC-438-1, or otherwise known as Lethium,3 is the result of said chemical reaction, that being intangible information converting into a physical material by merit of its transition between the two planes, as they both meet at the entryway of RPC-438. Lethium, in its non-physical form, is believed to be what makes up most of the chemistry inside the Infoplane. RPC-438-1 is an element of unnatural creation, found only as the result of a selected number of Memotic Dumps, being designated as both a heavy metal (for its atomic weight of 280.21), and as a metalloid (for its ability to easily bond with organic elements such as carbon).4 RPC-438-1 has a melting point of 28 °C, and easily filters through skin, natural or synthetic fabrics, and elements possessing weak atomic bonds.

Memotic Dumps similar to RPC-438 can be found in several places around the world, although in far smaller proportions. Lethium secreted by each Memotic Dump is drastically different in composition and reactivity, while sharing other basic properties. RPC-438 is the only Lethium deposit of sufficient concentration to enable filtration, harvesting and analysis.

The only way to remove pure Lethium from the lake is with the use of an organic host, as attempts to remove it by common methods will result in the element dispersing and returning to the Infoplane. The possible use of artificial memotic grounds for its retrieval is undergoing research.

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