Registered Phenomena Code: 437

Object Class: Beta-Red

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-psychotronic.png Psychotronic h-sentient.png Sentient h-contact.png Contact h-emotional.png Emotional h-ideological.png Ideological h-mind-control.png Mind-Control h-visual.png Visual

Containment Protocols: Due to the threat severity that RPC-437-2 presents to personnel, RPC-437-2 has been transferred to Site-042’s Maximum Security Wing at the request of Antarctic Command.

As RPC-437 cannot be physically removed from RPC-437-2, RPC-437-2 is to be permanently contained at Site-042 Sublevel A, Confinement Wing. RPC-437-2’s containment cell is to be monitored from the control room by two security guards with Level 3 clearance. Any unusual activities occurring within the cell is to be reported to a supervisor.

Personnel are to avoid direct hand-to-hand and eye contact with RPC-437-2. Affected instances as a result are to be detained and neutralized if necessary.

In order to facilitate the containment of RPC-437-2, RPC-437-2 is to wear a specialized interlocked blindfold device at all times. Under in no circumstance should personnel attempt to remove the device unless authorized by Head Researcher Adebe. During transport, RPC-437-2 is to be restrained via waist-chain restraint, and control poles handled by two security guards.

Access to RPC-437-2’s containment is to be authorized at the discretion of Site Management, additional authorization must be approved by an Ethics Officer with Level 4 clearance. Maintenance personnel are to be given full access-clearance to the containment cell when maintenance is underway, and must be supervised at all times.

In the event of a containment breach, security personnel are to refrain from using lethal force and must use a taser to subdue RPC-437-2. Once contained, RPC-437-2 is to be quarantined no sooner than 48 hours with no physical or social contacts.



Description: RPC-437 is a bracelet encrusted with various glyphs depicting of slavery as evident by the figures distressed and abused by a tall figure, speculated to be a former wearer of RPC-437. The hieroglyphics as shown do not appear to be similar to any previously known civilization.

Spectroscopic analysis of RPC-437 appears to contain a mixture of metals such as platinum and molybdenum, though additional metals of the object could not be ascertainable. Research onto the object’s history is still ongoing.

RPC-437-2 refers to a former Authority Researcher named Emilia Fraser, a 30-year old Danish female and a Historical Researcher for the DHPS.1

Due to RPC-437-2 being the current wearer of RPC-437, available research has been reliant on the behavior and mental state of RPC-437-2.

Close observations onto RPC-437-2 revealed that RPC-437-2 undergoes personality alterations after a link has been made with RPC-437. Following the attachment onto the wrist, RPC-437-2’s personality traits are apparent by their moral decline, strong desire for control, and authoritative behavior towards others. Interestingly, RPC-437-2 has refrained from revealing these personality traits since their initial link with RPC-437. It is unclear if the concealment of this behavior is associated with RPC-437’s anomalous effects.

Since their participation in Operation Climate, Site-017 personnel reported various misconducts committed by RPC-437-2 and was ultimately contained by security personnel.



Further anomalous manifestation occurs when RPC-437-2 discovers their ability to perform manipulation hypnosis on subjects. When hand-to-hand or eye contact has been established, subjects affected (designated as RPC-437-3) will become inherently obedient and lose all sense of awareness towards RPC-437-2.

Postmortem analysis on expired RPC-437-3 instances revealed that prolonged exposure towards RPC-437-2 causes cell damage, often cellular mutation which increases the chance of neuroinflammation,2 spreading towards vital organs and subsequently resulting in total organ failure.

Following an incident on July 7, control room footage captured RPC-437-2 performing psychokinetic abilities that resulted in numerous casualties with some having a broken femur and cranium, and equipment malfunctioning as a result of RPC-437-2’s psychokinesis. (See Addendum 437.04)

Addendum 437.01: Discovery

On June 25, 2019, two days following the discovery of an ancient location designated by Antarctic Command as Antarctic Region-17, The Authority dispatches an Expedition Team to the region and investigate the expanse location. This joint operation comprised of researchers and archaeologists, including inspectors from the UNAAC3, had been tasked as part of a joint operation. Mobile Specialized Team Oscar-12 (“The Harbingers”) and Bravo-4 (“Siberian Tigers”) facilitated the ongoing expedition and provided security cover, under the operation codename "Climate."

Expeditionary Teams were deployed to the region on June 26, 11:23 PM Greenwich Mean Time. Standard procedures applied to the operation as soon as the teams began their initial sweep of the area.

During the operation however, one of the teams had entered an unstable area and a researcher by the name of Fraser (designated as RPC-437-2) accidentally fell onto a crevasse and landed on an undiscovered cave. While down at a small cave, RPC-437-2 reported via communications that they had discovered a hidden area filled with numerous unidentifiable remains. One of the remains appeared in an unusual position while wearing a sacred, ordained clothing with RPC-437 worn on the left-hand wrist.

However, RPC-437-2 failed to report the discovery and was under anomalous influence when they had attached RPC-437 onto their wrist. A rescue team shortly arrived and had manage to medevac RPC-437-2 back to the surface.

Addendum 438.02: Post-Medevac Interview

The following interview was conducted by Dr. Helsinki in the aftermath of RPC-437-2’s recovery.

Addendum 437.03: Misconduct Interview 30/06/2019

On June 30, the Office of Ethics and Review filed a disciplinary action against RPC-437-2 following an escalated argument that resulted in Dr. [REDACTED] being sent to the medical wing.

The following interview was conducted by Dr. Daemon Hart.

Addendum 437.04: Incident 7/07/2019

On July 7, onsite security was dispatched to the Office Wing of Site-017 after numerous reports of firearm discharge that lead to numerous casualties, including a diplomatic officer from the United Nations Anomalous Activities Committee.

RPC-437-2 was apprehended by onsite security and was placed into containment following their demonstration of anomalous properties during the incident.

The following was an interview between Dr. Hart and RPC-437-2, two days after the incident.

Addendum 437.05: Cave Expedition Log

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