Registered Phenomena Code: 436

Object Class: Gamma-Purple

Hazard Type: Mechanical, Geological

Containment Protocols: RPC-436 has ceased expansion at this time. In the event of reactivation, 14 explosive charges with a strength of 4.3 megatonnes of TNT planted at key structural locations of Wesner Mountain can be detonated by GD-NORTH with the approval of two NORTHCOM Regional Directors. Further action will be at the discretion of the Global Director.

Access to the wooden structure containing RPC-436-A and the tunnel towards the machine's interior is restricted to ASF personnel and barred by an electric fence. The structure also houses geological surveying equipment designed to detect digging from RPC-436. New tunnels made are to be immediately sealed with a meter of concrete and covered in soil.

The rules of party games 'optimized' via RPC-436 can be provided upon request to RPCA personnel. Players are encouraged to utilize the provided punch cards to review the session. These reviews are to be delivered to assigned ASF teams to satisfy RPC-436. Players are required to obey the rules included in the sets, especially those against cheating.

Description: RPC-436 is a clockwork superstructure descending at least five kilometers into the North American plate of the surface of the Earth, accessible only through Wesner Mountain.1 The complex contains a currently unknown breadth of non-anomalous interlocking gears of sizes varying from one millimeter in size to half a kilometer, driven by springs, pulleys, and other forces that had at some point been created by automatic mining, processing, and machining driven by the structure. The extent of the mining operation risks the disruption of Earth's geosphere should it reactivate.

This complex is utilized in hosting, reviewing and enhancing numerous party and board games. These games are then reviewed by humans, formerly civilians abducted by long mechanical limbs that extended through a series of (now sealed) tunnels throughout Grand Teton National Park that lead down into non-hazardous chambers.

Games tested include Mafia, Checkers, and Pictionary which are played by human or mechanical operators (which may participate should there be insufficient sapient players) through the use of buttons, levers, and keys. Timers and typewritten text are produced by RPC-436 to organize the session. Once the session is complete, players are asked to "rate" aspects of the game, labelled as 'Fairness,' 'Fun,' and 'Length' through pressing one of five buttons adjacent to each other by an exit to the surface, labelled numerically, with five being the highest rating.

Despite the intense stress caused by RPC-436, civilians have been noted to review the sessions favorably, with reviews steadily improving in response to adjustments made by the anomaly over time according to records provided through RPC-436-A.

A shed at the base of Mount Wesner contains two typewriters, both of the same make. One is able to be manually operated while the other is operated by long iron rods which descend from the ceiling and operate the keys, both transcribing onto pieces of paper provided in rolls through a pneumatic tube. While RPC-436 is unable to read the papers, it is assumed that the keys pressed on the manual typewriter translate to communication. RPC-436-A is the designation given to the assumed intelligence responding. Responses generally take 15-30 seconds. The speed at which RPC-436 is able to translate and reply to messages is considered anomalous.

Within the same shed is a hole leading to the maintenance catwalks that cover the entirety of RPC-436's interior. Sufficient protection is required in the exploration of RPC-436, as its internal temperatures and the noise produced can reach harmful extremes in certain sections.

These civilians would be organized and exposed to various games in a chamber isolated from the extreme heat and noise of the remainder of RPC-436’s interior, playing against or with each other in sessions hosted by the anomaly. Following the completion of the game to the satisfaction of RPC-436, the civilians would be shown safe exit back to the surface.

Abductions have ceased now that RPC-436's need for testing is satisfied with the reviews provided by RPCA personnel.

RPC-436 Session Transcript: "Mafia"

RPC-436-A Communication Transcript 01

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