Registered Phenomena Code: 433

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard, Grouped Hazard, Sentient Hazard, Explosive Hazard.

Containment Protocols: While a rare occurrence, RPC-433 instances have been known to attack individuals even when unprovoked. Blunt force can be used for defense, with several blows being able to incapacitate or destroy an RPC-433 instance; sledge hammers have proved notably effective.

A single precision blow to the center of an instance's backside (the location of its Magic Engine, specifically) will neutralize the target; this may result in the instance exploding, with chunks of rock and metal being flung over a wide area at high speeds; as such, this method of defending oneself against an RPC-433 instance is not recommended.

One (1) single instance of RPC-433 is kept at Camp Crannóc as a means of security against raiders and wild animals.

Description: RPC-433 instances are magical constructs composed of stone or metals, and often various minerals. RPC-433 instances, referred to as "Golems," are humanoid in shape and autonomous. These entities are manufactured within Cair Aisling by Dwarves specialized in constructing magic-based items and machinery, and are used as laborers and guardians. Travelling Dwarven merchants are typically accompanied by at least one Golem for protection.


Sketch of the RPC-433 instance purchased by ASF personnel and drawn by ASF Scribe Matthew López.

RPC-433 instances can often be bartered for or purchased through monetary transactions (gold currency).1 Obtaining ownership of an RPC-433 instance will grant full verbal control of the entity. The Golem can be provided with instructions, and will attempt to fulfill them to the best of its ability.2 Golems demonstrate high intelligence in problem solving abilities, and while limited, a degree of basic communication capabilities.3

RPC-433 instances often have facial features carved or painted into their stonework; these are purely cosmetic and considered to be signatures of their respective makers. The methods by which RPC-433 instances perceive their surrounding environments or produce sound to communicate are currently unknown.

Like other Dwarven creations, Each RPC-433 instance is powered by what Dwarves refer to as a "Magic Engine", embedded into the Golem's back. Said Magic Engines work by extracting the environmental magic of the surrounding area to convert into SMTs4 which can transfer the collected magic energy to separate pieces of a machine. SMTs, machine pieces, and Magic Engines are able to relay information between one another through the use of runes and/or crystals. All information gathered by the runes/crystals is relayed back to the Magic Engine, where it would process it, and send an adequate response to the obstacle at hand. Each rune carved into RPC-433 instances gathers and reacts to different stimuli, such as vision, defense, and offense.5

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