Registered Phenomena Code: 432

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Visual Hazard, Emotional Hazard, Ideological Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-432 is to be kept in a secured locker at Site-083. Due to RPC-432's anomalous properties, RPC-432 is to be encased in a plastic sheet to prevent sight of its interior during cleaning or maintenance of its containment area.

Class A-1 amnestics and scheduled therapy sessions are to be administered to personnel affected by RPC-432. All personnel affected by RPC-432 are to be terminated. Further testing with RPC-432 is prohibited. (See Addendum 432-1)

Description: RPC-432 is a hardcover children's bible with the words "My First Bible" written in a colorful font on the front of RPC-432, accompanied by a pastel-colored drawing. The pages of RPC-432 are written in an unknown language similar in style to Hebrew, although all attempts made at deciphering the language thus far have failed. RPC-432 was retrieved by Authority Personnel Team "Petrol" through purchase via RPC-333-A.

RPC-432's anomalous properties arise when any humanoid of age 19 years or older makes visual contact with the interior pages of RPC-432. An immediate loss of consciousness will occur, lasting a recorded amount of 12-15 hours. Upon awakening, said subject will be affected by sudden and untreatable insanity. Humanoids affected by RPC-432 will be incapable of filling basic human needs such as feeding and sleeping, and will instead replace all actions with constant verbal expression and praising of religion and Christianity, and obsessive actions regarding RPC-432. Subjects affected by RPC-432 will die of dehydration or malnutrition if their basic needs are not attended for.

Addendum 432-1: Dr. █████ suggested the effects of RPC-432 could be reversed through heavy usage of amnestics and therapy. The following is a log of five CSDs that were tested upon.

Addendum 432-2: A janitorial staff (Vincent ██████) had accidentally viewed the interior of RPC-432 during a routine cleaning of its containment chambers, after which another staff member noticed him and brought him to the medical bay. After he had awoken, he fled to a storage room located in the west wing of Site-083, taking RPC-432 with him and locking himself in. An audio log was recorded with Dr. ███████ attempting to coax him out of the room.

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