Registered Phenomena Code: 428

Object Class: Omega-White (Neutralized)

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-climatological.png Climatological h-sapient.png Sapient h-animated.png Animated

Containment Protocols: As no RPC-428 events have been documented since Incident 428-06, containment is currently deemed unnecessary.

Description: RPC-428 is an anomalous weather pattern in the New England region of the United States. RPC-428 events are characterized by a temperature drop of 8 to 14 degrees Celsius followed by heavy rainfall and an average wind speed of 40 kilometers per hour. They begin and end instantaneously and are not affected by existing atmospheric conditions. The average time between events is 84 days.

RPC-428-A is an entity of variable appearance that manifests anywhere from 5 to 40 minutes into an RPC-428 event. To date 17 unique appearances have been documented, but all take the form of a young adult male wearing a black 3-piece suit with a green tie. Instances will appear in the sky, descending at roughly 4 km/h while holding an opened umbrella. It will also possess up to four additional umbrellas, and will attempt to exchange them for money or items of equivalent value.1 Umbrellas obtained from RPC-428-A do not possess any anomalous properties.

RPC-428-A will demanifest after they have exchanged all but one umbrella on their person or after 4 hours have passed, citing the end of their "shift". Demanifestation functions similarly to manifestation, with the instance opening an umbrella and ascending.2 Instances will also demanifest early if certain conditions are met. (See Interview 428-02) RPC-428 events will end after RPC-428-A has demanifested.

Addendum: Interview 428-02

Interviewed: RPC-428

Interviewer: Agent H███████

Foreword: Agent H███████ was instructed to lead RPC-428-A to a secluded location before conducting the interview.

<Begin Log>

RPC-428-A: So. Why have you brought me here?

H███████: I just want to ask you a few questions.

RPC-428-A: Alright, but make it quick. In case you haven't noticed, I'm on the clock.

H███████: Okay. Why do you sell umbrellas?

RPC-428-A: For money. Why else?

H███████: Yes, but why umbrellas specifically?

RPC-428-A: I don't know, I do it because it's my job. The whole idea behind this, [RPC-428-A gestures wildly.] this thing, was to sell umbrellas to people caught in the rain. It's what they call a "vulnerable market". Maybe. Well, a lot of other people had the same idea. Which makes sense, considering how much it rains back home. So, we went somewhere else.

H███████: We?

RPC-428-A: The company. Me, my coworkers, the dudes upstairs. Us. Could you back up a little? I don't like people getting this close to me.

H███████: Oh, sorry. Does this company have any knowledge or control over the weather? We've noticed that you and your coworkers always show up in these conditions.

RPC-428-A: Uh, I'm not sure what you mean. I was under the impression that it was always like this. [RPC-428-A grows agitated] Hey, are you almost done here?

H███████: You're not aware of the sudden change in weather whenever you appear? You implied earlier that rain was more common where you came from.

RPC-428-A: I don't know what you're talking about. If you're just gonna waste my time with stupid questions, then I'm leaving.

H███████: Wait!

[Agent H███████ grabs the instance's left arm]

RPC-428-A: Man, what is your fucking problem? Let me go!

[RPC-428-A's arm detaches. The instance falls to the ground and becomes unresponsive, then ascends seconds later.]

<End Log>

Analysis of the arm revealed it to be composed of carved mahogany and ████ brand oil paint.

Addendum: Incident 428-06

Date of Event: 05/13/2012

RPCs involved: RPC-428

Foreword: While pursuing RPC-███ in Guilford, Vermont, Authority agents spotted a group of RPC-428-A congregating in front of a two-story home. MST Sierra-10 ("Mechanical Heart") was dispatched to attempt entry.

They reached the location at 06:37 AM while the location was experiencing an RPC-428 event. As they approached the front door, several upstairs windows were broken. 20 instances of RPC-428-A were hoisted by unknown means through the windows and ascended at an estimated 25 km/h. Witnesses reported the instances to be "completely limp", and that one was missing an arm.

Sierra-10 entered the residence, finding it devoid of persons and furniture save an in-wall safe containing ████ USD. A total of 38 umbrellas were also found in various locations.

All RPC-428-A instances vanished at an altitude of roughly 150 kilometers. The RPC-428 event ended shortly after.

No events have been recorded since this incident.

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