Registered Phenomena Code: 426

Object Class: Beta Purple

Hazard Types: Extra-Dimensional, Memory Alteration and Mind-Control.

Containment Protocols: Physical containment protocols for RPC-426 have proven to be impossible for the time being, as the phenomena is not physically tied to RPC-426-1, RPC-426-2, or RPC-426-3 instances. Proactive containment protocols for RPC-426 have demonstrated varying degrees of success and are currently approved as a temporary form of containment. Proactive containment protocols consist of monitoring the planned organization of mass celebratory gatherings in the vicinity of former battle sites and preventing potential gatherings through the use of political, economic, cultural, or paramilitary resources.

Containment protocols are to be carried out by MST Romeo-7. MST Romeo-7 has been granted clearance to contain RPC-426 by any means necessary, with the exception of paramilitary resources. In case of imminent RPC-426 manifestation, MST Romeo-7 is granted clearance to bypass prior authorization to utilize paramilitary resources to contain RPC-426-1, RPC-426-2, and RPC-426-3 instances. Under no circumstances should personnel come within 1 km of RPC-426-1 until it is determined via standard drone reconnaissance that manifestation has ended. Both RPC-426-1 and RPC-426-2 instances are to be contained post-manifestation and either detonated or refurbished into war memorials at the discretion of MST Romeo-7.

Description: RPC-426 refers to an anomalous event caused by certain preconditions in which weak seismic tremors affect an area and an instance of RPC-426-1 begins to form, followed by instances of RPC-426-2. As manifestation continues, humans within 1km of RPC-426-1 begin to fall into a trance like state, moving in rhythm with the seismic tremors and making their way towards RPC-426-1 in a rigid fashion. Humans affected by RPC-426-1 are to be designated as instances RPC-426-3 Below is an explanation of the preconditions required for RPC-426 to manifest and an estimation of the observed and known ranges for RPC-426.

Conditions necessary for the manifestation of RPC-426 must be maintained for approximately an hour before manifestation proper begins. A general timeline of manifestation has been provided below to those with Level 3 clearance.

RPC-426-1 is a large stone formation resembling a tomb that is seemingly carved from the environment during RPC-426 manifestation. RPC-426-1 consists of an above-ground structure with an inscription reading "The Time of Circuses is Over, The Warrior's Heart is Beckoned"1 and a descending staircase leading into a subterranean chamber. The interior is believed to potentially harbor a gateway to another dimension New video evidence taken via drone suggests that the interior of RPC-426-1 is simply carved out of the ground near where it manifests and does not pose an Extra-Dimensional Hazard. The location of RPC-426-3 instances that enter RPC-426-1 post-manifestation is still unknown.

RPC-426-2 instances appear as a series of parallel statues2 flanking the entrance to RPC-426-1. Initially, RPC-426-2 instances are formless, taking the shape of a minimalist human or beast-like form. However, as manifestation continues, RPC-426-2 instances begin to take a more definite form that reflects either the standard appearance of a combatant from the time and location of the battle site or beasts tied to those combatant's cultures, both real and fictitious. RPC-426-2 instances are animate during manifestation but become inert afterwards.

RPC-426-3 instances are believed to be completely under the control of RPC-426's anomalous properties. RPC-426-3 instances that are removed from the effective range of RPC-426-1 are no longer fully controlled yet have been shown to consciously desire to enter RPC-426-1 out of their own volition. RPC-426-3 instances demonstrate no aspects of their former personalities and appear to maintain no personal memories outside of a sense of guilt regarding the celebratory gathering. Termination of RPC-426-3 instances is authorized without the need for prior clearance.

Event Log:
Below is a log of known and recorded manifestations of RPC-426, provided for those with Level 4 clearance:

All other manifestation logs are reserved by MST Romeo-9 on a need to know basis.

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