Idol Bands are the Devil's Workshop



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Registered Phenomena Code: 425

Object Class: Alpha-Orange

Hazard Types: Sapient Hazard, Auditory Hazard, Grouped Hazard, Mind-Control Hazard

Containment Protocols: Due to the widespread knowledge of the existence of RPC-425 instances 1-3, primary Authority containment is not to be focused on restraining the individuals in question, but on ensuring that their anomalous properties are kept under constant observation. MST India-8 ("Super Fans") are to be present at any and all public appearances made by instances of RPC-425. In order to prevent exposure of RPC-425's anomalous properties to on-location personnel, Authority personnel are to be outfitted with audio-canceling headphones.

Should an instance of RPC-425 begin to display awareness of their anomalous properties and attempt to use them for personal gain, on-location MST members are instructed to report this to the nearest Authority site immediately so that further action (possibly resulting in the termination of the instance) may be taken with proper caution and appropriate resources.

Although the current state of RPC-425 1-3 prevents the anomalies from being fully contained, Authority agents are in negotiations with representatives of Akanishin Entertainment (who currently own the likenesses and brand of the instances in question) regarding transference of all RPC-425 instances into Authority care.

Description: RPC-425 refers to a group of three humanoid entities, designated RPC-425-1 to RPC-425-3. Each instance takes the form of a Japanese female, between the ages of 19-21 years old. Although they are classified as a grouped hazard, each individual instance of RPC-425 has been noted to possess varying physical and behavioral characteristics.

The anomalous properties of an instance of RPC-425 stem from their ability to manipulate the thoughts and actions of any individual who listens to them sing in any regard (including listening to recordings or over live feeds) as long as their commands are given through the lyrics of the song. Individuals who are given a command in this way experience an extremely strong mental compulsion to perform the orders given to them by instances of RPC-425. Regardless of whether or not the individual is able to resist this mental compulsion, the affected person's body will often move against their will to perform the actions outlined by an instance of RPC-425. This compulsion will continue until the instance ceases singing, after which the affected individual will be freed from the anomaly's control.

All three known instances of RPC-425 have been known to be affiliated with "Three Melody", a musical group reminiscent of the 'Idol' trend of Japanese culture, owned by the Akanishin Entertainment Company1. Due to this affiliation, the anomalous effects of RPC-425 instances can often affect large groups of civilians during performances.

Although they possess anomalous traits, all RPC-425 instances involved in the group retain the status and practices of a typical entertainer and have never been observed using their abilities outside of during performances. It is currently hypothesized that the instances of RPC-425 are unaware of their own anomalous properties.

Because the current title and nature of RPC-425's instances means they are generally in custody of an entertainment company, the Authority has previously attempted permanent containment of the three RPC-425 instances by purchasing the license and ownership of the group using the funds and resources of front company 'Fun Times International Amusements'. Authority agent ██████, posing as a purchase negotiator for the front company, attempted to propose transition of ownership between the Authority and Akanishin Entertainment.

From: Samuel Cho, Message Filtering Department, Akanishin Entertainment Company

To: ██████, Acquisition Department, Fun Times International Amusements

Re: 'Three Melody' Acquisition Proposal

Dear Mr. ██████,

Thank you for contacting Akanishin Entertainment. In order to most effectively filter proposals and respond to those that demand immediate attention as quickly as possible, all messages for the board of directors must be approved by an in-between party such as myself.

I regret to inform you that your request to acquire the license and care responsibilities for 'Three Melody' has been denied. Although your financial offer and ability to ensure the health and performance of the group's members do meet the company's standards of treatment for the stars, Akanishin Entertainment would prefer to continue the current contract that we have with the members of 'Three Melody' for an indefinite period of time.

Should you be interested in purchasing the license to one of our other groups, do not hesitate to reach out again. I wish you the best of luck in your future acquisition endeavors.


Samuel Cho, Filtering Service, Akanishin Entertainment Company

Following this message, Samuel Cho was promptly taken into Authority custody for questioning. This questioning session revealed that Mr. Cho was hired as a temporary worker for the purpose of filtering and rejecting proposals regarding the acquisition of 'Three Melody'.

According to the subject, Mr. Cho was not given an exact reason why all requests regarding 'Three Melody' were to be refused, only that the company had no interest in relinquishing the rights or care of the three individuals, regardless of the proposal. Mr. Cho was determined to possess no knowledge of the anomalous properties of the RPC-425 instances or Akanishin Entertainment that did not pertain to his work and was promptly released from Authority custody.

Due to the unclear reasoning and apparent desire of Akanishin Entertainment's board of directors to keep all instances of RPC-425 under their ownership, Authority researchers suspect that the directors of the company may be aware of the anomalous properties of the instances. Investigation into the identities and possible GOI connections of Akanishin Entertainment is ongoing.

Addendum: On October 27, 20██ approximately 2:41 AM EST, Authority plants working in Akanishin Entertainment's information technology department were able to intercept a message to the company's board of directors from a currently unknown location. The message has been determined to be regarding the three RPC-425 instances currently under Akanishin Entertainment's control.

Examination of this message has suggested that Akanishin Entertainment serves as a 'front company' allowing the group behind the creation of the RPC-425 instances under their care to expose the public to anomalous beings. Due to the nature of RPC-425 instances as well as the information discussed in the message, the anomalies are believed to be products created by GOI-021 'Kabushiki Kawaii'. A major examination of Akanishin Entertainment regarding their presumed business deals with GOI-021 is underway.

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