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An instance of RPC-424, with identifying labels removed.

Registered Phenomena Code: 424

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazards: Bio-Hazard, Emotional (RPC-424-A[d]), Explosive (RPC-424-B), Extreme Temperature (RPC-424-B), Microscopic, Organic (Fungal), Regenerative, Sensory (RPC-424-A[d]), Transmutation

Containment Protocol: Unused and unopened RPC-424-A and RPC-424-C variants of RPC-424 are kept sealed within their original crates, which are kept in a locked alpha containment room. Standard dehumidification is to be maintained within the room.

RPC-424-B is to be kept in a separate alpha containment room adjacent to that holding the other two, with its interior walls modified for blast-resistance. Absolutely no organic waste is to be left in either room, especially RPC-424-B's.

Usage of any packet requires research authorization and the attendance of a mycologist to assist in the identification of produce. Personnel are not to consume anything produced from RPC-424-A nor C, excluding CSD-class personnel strictly for research purposes.

Should an RPC-424-A instance produce mushrooms of the Psilocybe genus, that instance should be accordingly marked as RPC-424-A[d] and seperated from RPC-424-A instances who do not. Any non-CSD personnel caught consuming RPC-424-A produce, particularly Psilocybes from RPC-424-A[d]s, are to be subjected to a disciplinary hearing.

Experiments involving RPC-424-B are to occur within a medium-grade blast-resistant experimentation chamber (or to take place at an outdoors testing field) with adequate shielding for all on-site personnel.

Description: RPC-424 is the formal designation of three packets manufactured by the hostile GoI "Church of Malthus". RPC-424 packets are categorized by the GoI as Packet A, Packet B and Packet C, respectively reclassified by the RPC Authority as RPC-424-A, RPC-424-B and RPC-424-C. All three packets weigh an average of 2g each, with equal dimensions of 100mm x 80mm x 3mm.

One of each RPC-424 instances are bundled together into an opaque plastic sheet alongside non-anomalous utensils1 and are meant to be used in combination with one another. The packets bear no decorative features save applied adhesive labeling bearing a red star and usage/storage instructions. The packets feature a tear line at the top, and are resealable. Each packet's interior is lined with what appears to be a mould-soaked substrate.

Basic advice printed on the back labels state to keep the packets sealed when not in use, to keep the interior lining moist to prevent any delay in activation, and bear further instructions unique to each packet. Barring minor variations, the instructions for each packet generally state to shake each packet over moist organic material2, then wait for a small period of time.

Discovery Log: Ongoing intel gathering on Church of Malthus activity suggested increased movement around an established Church of Malthus front, previously dismissed and kept under minimal observation for being disused. Visual observation showed a frequency spike of visiting Malthusian operatives, typically arriving in trucks, vans and cars to deposit various boxes and cargo.

With suspicions arising that the Church of Malthus may be stockpiling biological weaponry for an attack, a motion was unanimously passed to raid the premises. A collaboration of MST Echo-8 "Plague Doctors" and MST Foxtrot-04 "Prey" stormed the location, only to find it undefended and understaffed. Rather than fight the operatives, the sole Malthusian personnel on-site chose to flee the premises.

A detailed sweep of the premises revealed this "abandoned church" was hastily repurposed into a holding facility for what could possibly be considered a product recall, as evidenced by a single note seized from the fled personnel's quarters:

A Motorola LX2 pager was also recovered from the warehouse, sporting a biological attachment that can fit on a finger. The pager's signal detection is nonfunctional. It is believed that a particular biological modification6 is required to access the Church's communication channels via the finger socket. This lends credence to suspicions that certain groups in the Church of Malthus hybridize outdated technology with anomalous modifications in order to clandestinely communicate.

One send/receive message chain can be recovered from the pager:

Further investigation of the caretaker's quarters revealed a covered-up crevice which contained a conventional USB thumbdrive. Inspection of the device shows a single folder labeled "PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS", containing a single video labeled "INTERNAL USE ONLY".

It is assumed that every living participant in this promotional video are members of the Church of Malthus.

With the lead provided from the video, the Church front for the Fungal Sect subdivision was called:

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