Registered Phenomena Code: 422

Object Class: Gamma-Red

Hazard Types: h-mechanical.png Mechanical Hazard h-aggression.png Aggression Hazard h-transmutation.png Transmutation Hazard h-mind-control.png Mind Control Hazard h-regenerative.png Regenerative Hazard h-sentient.png Sentient Hazard h-grouped.png Grouped Hazard

Containment Protocols: Currently, one instance of RPC-422 is being kept in high-security containment for permanent study. The instance contained must be restrained with the use of chains restraining all parts of its body, especially the wheels. A detonation device has also been placed on the RPC-422 instance that should be activated if re-containment of the RPC-422 instance is not possible. If the detonation device has failed, a large box that is filled with synthetic oil is to be kept above it. To open the box, press the button in the observation area. The amount of oil is enough to leave RPC-422 in a severely weakened state for 1-2 hours.

All new RPC-422 instances are to be terminated via the use of concentrated heavy gun fire focused towards the engine compartment. MST November-7 (Hammer the Gamma) members are currently being stationed near garages and car businesses within England, while undergoing covert operations to find any instances of RPC-422. Chevrolet Impalas that are found inside open garages are to be immediately checked, however due to RPC-422's inability to enter garages without the owner's permission, these are generally a low concern.

Because of the aversion towards garlic that RPC-422 instances have, and the effect it has on their bodies, all agents assigned to hunting RPC-422 are to bring 2 pounds of garlic with them. Wood carvings of the Popemobile1 license plate are also to be equipped in the event operatives are required to approach within 5 meters of the instance in order to deter it. RPC-422 instances will attempt to avoid these and other holy symbols related to the Christian faith when not hunting.2 typically attempting to keep a distance of 5 or more meters between itself and the nearest holy symbol(s).

Description: RPC-422 are black tenth generation Chevrolet Impalas that from the outside view, does not appear to possess anomalous properties. RPC-422 is in fact a predatory hemovore3 which exclusively targets warm-blooded animals with a strong preference for human prey. RPC-422 is sentient, possessing intelligence equal to or greater than that of an orangutan.

It has a number of anomalous properties it can utilise for both hunting and escaping pursuit. Displays torque, acceleration, maximum speed and chassis durability far in excess of a non-anomalous Chevrolet Impala. The entire entity also displays extreme resistance to firearms. RPC-422 displays abilities common to those found in Vampiric Folklore including the ability to quickly generate new material over damaged parts of itself and exhibit limited control over the minds of humans. RPC-422's most notable abilities are being able to transform between its current form (The Chevrolet Impala) to a Royal Enfield Interceptor Motorcycle4 and a Eurocopter EC135. An ability that was later discovered by personnel, is that RPC-422 instances were capable of creating an illusion that displayed someone within them driving the vehicle, which would immediately disappear upon opening the car door.

A secondary anomalous affect of RPC-422 is the ability to transform nearby Chevrolet Impala's in to instances of RPC-422 by damaging the engine. After transforming, the new RPC-422 instance will begin repairing itself by unknown means.

RPC-422 hunts during the evening, and displays behaviour similar to that of an ambush predator5 and prefers to hunt solitary prey. RPC-422's commonly subdues prey targets include ramming into them or using its ability to take control over a subject's consciousness and bring them towards it. RPC-422 will then proceed to open its side doors and then will eject the seat belts into the prey's skin where they will begin extracting blood from the prey. Autopsy reports on dead instances of RPC-422 reveal that the blood extracted is stored in the fuel tank.

RPC-422 shows a strong aversion towards traditional vampiric weaknesses such as garlic, stakes and holy symbols, always keeping a distance of 5 or more meters when an individual holds out a symbol of christian faith such as a cross. RPC-422 have shown an even stronger aversion towards wooden carvings of the Popemobile's license plate, staying approximately 10 meters away from it at all times. Furthermore, synthetic oils will cause RPC-422's exterior to melt upon making contact with it.

RPC-422 instances are primarily solitary and do not hunt in groups.6

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