Registered Phenomena Code: 421

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-auditory.png Auditory h-emotional.png Emotional

Containment Protocols: RPC-421 is to be contained in a soundproof safe. If personnel hear any sounds coming from RPC-421, they are to be treated with Class A-1 amnestics immediately.

Description: RPC-421 designates a female mummified corpse encased in a bronze pot. The bronze pot containing RPC-421 appears to possess a self-nullifying property.1 Currently, there is no possible way of separating RPC-421 from the pot without greatly damaging it.

When RPC-421 is within 6 m of a lone human subject for longer than 20 minutes, it will start vocalizing through anomalous means. The language which RPC-421 speaks will shift according to the native language of the subject nearby. Subjects that listen to RPC-421 will experience an inexplicable feeling of dread, deteriorating their mental health unless properly amnesticized.

Addendum 421.1: Historical Account

No historical reference to RPC-421 was discovered except for one excerpt in a Kyrgyzstan storybook. Though, this connection is loose and can't be reliably verified.

Addendum 421.2: Discovery Log
RPC-421 initially began as an urban legend among shools in Central Asian and Eastern European regions.

As you enter the school's restroom alone, you will hear the voice of a princess crying out "help me! help me!" But do not be fooled, she is long gone.

In 2012, a local student in ██████ High School, Warsaw recorded what she claimed to be the voice of a crying ghost. While the video gained little traction online, it caught the attention of the Authority. ██████ High School was then excavated under the guise of reconstruction. This excavation lead to the discovery of RPC-421. Although 7 instances are theorised to exist, only one was ever found.

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