Registered Phenomena Code: 415

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Transmutation Hazard, Grouped Hazard, Sensory Hazard

Containment Protocols: Instances of RPC-415 are to be stored in a standard refrigeration unit, kept at approximately 35° F (1.6° C), at Site-020. RPC-415 may only be used for testing, and only with prior approval by the Head Researcher. Instances of RPC-415 found in stores are to be immediately seized by any means necessary and all staff that currently work at the initial location of discovery are to be questioned. Following this, all evidence of RPC-415’s existence is to be expunged and staff questioned are to be given Class-A amnestics.

Typically, instances of RPC-415-1 are to be contained in a standard humanoid containment chamber, barring individual needs or alterations to their condition brought about by testing (see Test Log 04).

Description: RPC-415 currently designates sixteen 2-liter plastic bottles filled with a bright red liquid of unknown chemical composition. The laminated paper label on the side of each bottle is white, with the phrase “Blood Drink Plus: Become the Night that you want to become Today” printed in red, along with a crude cartoon illustration depicting a stereotypical vampire figure. The liquid contained in each bottle has a similar viscosity to typical human adult blood levels and is reported to have an artificial strawberry taste.

RPC-415’s anomalous properties manifest when a living human subject consumes any amount of the liquid. Once consumed, the subject (hereafter referred to as RPC-415-1) will take on a random trait commonly associated with vampires and vampire-like creatures from popular fiction and folklore. These traits will manifest within five to ten minutes after initial consumption and are seemingly permanent.

The quantity of liquid consumed does not appear to determine any specific trait being gained. Instead, the effects seem to be completely random. Subjects that have become RPC-415-1 instances cannot gain more than one trait from consuming RPC-415. Upon an instance of RPC-415 becoming empty, it will immediately refill itself through unknown means.


Discovery: RPC-415 was first discovered in the Chinatown district of Manhattan, New York on █-█-20██ by Agent Song during his off-hours. Agent Song had entered a convenience store he regularly frequented and came across and purchased the RPC-415. Later in the day, he had consumed some of the RPC-415 instances and had developed an anomalously enhanced low-light vision afterwards. Agent Song quickly contacted the Authority about this sudden anomalous trait and it was eventually linked to the liquid he had consumed.

Despite becoming an instance of RPC-415-1, Agent Song has since been allowed to retain his rank and position as an agent of the Authority, as he has not demonstrated any behavioural or dangerous side-effects from exposure to RPC-415. Additionally, Agent Song has commented that the night vision he acquired from RPC-415 has proven useful in the field. Possible Theta-Class uses of RPC-415 are currently being explored.

Since the initial discovery of RPC-415, several other instances have been discovered in multiple locations throughout the world and have been retrieved by Authority agents. In all recorded cases, RPC-415 instances have always been discovered in Chinese-owned businesses, specifically convenience stores, and no more than a single bottle has been found at a time. Questioning of staff at these locations has, thus far, revealed that they had never seen or heard of the brand associated with RPC-415 before and have no recollection of ever stocking the item in their store.

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