Registered Phenomena Code: 414

Object Class: Gamma-Red

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-aggression.png Aggression h-sentient.png Sentient h-transmutation.png Transmutation h-contact.png Contact h-corrosive.png Corrosive h-teleportation.png Teleportation

Containment Protocols: RPC-414’s containment is nonexistent due to their abilities, but RPC-414-1 - 5 are found within the majority of Site-███. All personnel working in Site-███ must keep their sector, offices, and personal items completely sanitized to prevent themselves from being assaulted by RPC-414-1 through 5. All personnel must go through any available disinfectant chamber every 14 hours before going back to work.

Those who work outside Site-███ with the intention of visitation must go through a thorough cleansing before entering the Site.



Description: RPC-414 is a group of humanoids that differentiate from each other in height and clothing. Similarly, each RPC-414 entity has a large light-tan beak where their faces are found, but they consist of no eyes or nostrils. It is unknown if RPC-414 has ears or noses underneath the babushka they wear around their heads. The insides of each beak possess a row of perfectly shaped white teeth found near the inside of the throat and a tongue that is found in the beak area of the mouth, in front of the teeth. It is unknown as of yet how RPC-414-1 through 5 are able to sense any unsanitary areas, humans, or items. Each of the RPC-414 entities wears clothing that resembles elderly Austrian or German women, but each entity wears clothing of different colors and patterns. All RPC-414 entities communicate with each other with a “Ga Ga Ga” vocalization. Each entity has its own pitch in tone when communicating.

When RPC-414-1 - 5 finds and locates an area that is deemed "unsanitary", they will rush to the said area while RPC-414-2, 4, and 5 sweep the area RPC-414-1 and 3 will communicate to each other and sniff out the source of the filth left behind. Once RPC-414-1 and 3 find the source, the human or animal who caused the filth, RPC-414-1 will lead the group to said person by phasing through the walls until they find the said source. When they capture the human or animal, RPC-414-2, 4, and 5 will hold the human or animal down while RPC-414-1 and 3 use their wooden scissors to cut open the victim’s torso. RPC-414-5 will remove previously collected trash from its basket and fill the entire victim’s body with said trash. Once the human, or animal’s insides are completely replaced with trash, RPC-414-3, 4, and 5 will remove their victim’s body parts in even amounts for each other and will put said body parts in their baskets. Surveillance footage shows the body parts will disappear once they enter RPC-414-3, 4, and 5’s baskets.
Site Management labels this event as the 414 Cleansing. It is theorized that the body parts are replaced with trash, but researchers are still unsure how RPC-414-3, 4, or 5’s baskets function.

The material of RPC-414's clothing is highly corrosive to living tissue, and will [REDACTED] to any personnel who makes contact with said material.

Entity Description
RPC-414-1 2.5 meters tall. Wears a dark red babushka around its head, a thick navy button-up jacket, red mittens, a gold-colored skirt, thick gray leggings, and straw sewn shoes. RPC-414-1 carries around large wooden scissors at all times. The scissors are three feet in length and when in use RPC-414-1 has each hand holding each handle of the wooden scissors due to its size.1
RPC-414-2 2.1 meters tall. Wears a brown babushka around its head, a white scarf around its neck, a black button-up jacket, lavender mittens, a lavender skirt with dark speckled dots throughout, purple leggings, and straw sewn shoes. RPC-414-2 carries around an old-fashioned broom made of a stick four feet in length with straws tied to the end of the stick. Shortest of the five.
RPC-414-3 2.2 meters tall. Wears a black babushka, a ruby red scarf, a tan button-up jacket, tan mittens with black lines around its forearms (each mitten reaches up to its elbows), a pale blue skirt with navy patches of fabric over the crotch and on the right side of the skirt, tan leggings, and straw sewn shoes. RPC-414-3 carries around a giant pair of scissors similar to RPC-414-1 and carries a straw woven basket on its back that is large enough to carry a human child. The basket is used to carry the remaining body parts of their Unclean victims.
RPC-414-4 2.7 meters tall. Wears a brown babushka, a cream-colored scarf, a grey button-up jacket, black mittens with tiny white dots, a ruby skirt with a white piece of cloth over the front of the skirt, black leggings, and straw sewn shoes. RPC-414-4 carries a broom similar to RPC-414-2 and wears a large straw woven basket on its back similar to RPC-414-3. Tallest of the five.
RPC-414-5 2.6 meters tall. Wears a tan babushka, a dark gray scarf, a dark orange button-up jacket, light-tan mittens the same length as RPC-414-3’s mittens, a dark gray skirt with a dark checkered pattern throughout, black leggings, and straw sewn shoes. RPC-414-5 carries a broom similar to RPC-414-2 and 4 and carries a basket similar to RPC-414-3 and 4. RPC-414-5 will pull out infinite amounts of trash or rubbish from its basket to stuff its victim’s bodies with.

DISCOVERY: RPC-414 was first discovered in a small village found in █████, Austria by a germaphobic college student who was backpacking through Austria and happened to discover the village by chance in 19██. The villagers made sure he was clean before entering the village and warned him to keep himself and the space around them clean. He took multiple photos of RPC-414 wandering the village and mailed the photographs to his college professor at Harvard University. Intel discovered the photos and used a Class-A amnestic on the professor, the college student, and the villagers. MST-Opal-2 (Bergziege) transported RPC-414 to Site-███ in █████, Germany by luring them with a CSD holding a bucket of dust to Airline-Four-Seven. Once they successfully lured RPC-414 into the plane, RPC-414-2, 4, and 5 held the CSD personnel holding the bucket down and performed their cleansing on the MST agent. The cleansing became a perfect distraction to keep the RPC-414 entities on board while en route to Site-███.

Addendum: Upon Airline-47’s arrival, security personnel lured RPC-414 into their cell in Site-███ using an ROV covered in garbage water. Unfortunately, after RPC-414’s cleansing of the ROV, they wandered around the facility as a group but never left the Site grounds of Site-███. As they wandered the grounds, RPC-414-2, 4, and 5 would sweep everywhere the group went. RPC-414 has now made Site-███ their new home.
On a couple of occasions, RPC-414 would wander outside of Site-███ to further their cleansing, but when they show signs of doing so, security personnel would launch a trash-covered ROV to lure RPC-414 back to the site.

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