Database Entry Introduction:

The following is a digitized English translation of the 1936 version of document RPC-410. As such, formatting is consistent with archival documents of this period. Additionally, RPC-410 was incorrectly believed to be the building RPC-410 was discovered in. As a result, number designations are inconsistent with modern document.

Registered Phenomena Code 410 ■ ■■
Informal Designate Sleeping Beauty ■ ■ ■■■ ■
Object Risk YELLOW ■ ■
Containment Degree MEDIUM1
Primary Hazard PSYCHOTRONIC ■ ■
Secondary Hazard GROUPED ■ ■■
Number Contained 1
Reporting Personnel DR. EDGAR PLESSIS ■ ■ ■■■■ ■

Containment Systems: Provisionary Site-410 is to be stationed along a 50 meter radius of RPC-410. CSDs aged 14-21 with experience with weaponry and/or are of noble ancestry, are to be supplied to Site-410, in order to prevent RPC-410-2 from communicating with civilians.


Object Description: RPC-410 is a castle located in a forest in the southernmost part of Saarland, near the French-German Border. RPC-410 is overgrown by various thorned and/or poisonous plants. If cut down, these plants will regrow at a rapid rate, matching their former size within 24 hours.

Overhead surveillance of RPC-410 reveals it to be inhabited by a large group of semi-humanoid creatures, collectively referred to as RPC-410-1. These creatures are aggressive towards anyone who enters, but so far have made no attempts to leave RPC-410. RPC-410-1 instances vary in appearance; while the majority of instances being entirely composed of 12th century artifacts, there have been instances containing more relatively modern artifacts, along with pieces of a human cadaver. The degree to which an RPC-410-1 instance is inorganic appears to be inversely proportional to the age of the most modern artifact in their composition, leading researchers to hypothesize that RPC-410-1 are a unique form of undead. RPC-410-1 instances routinely perform a complex patrol array but have otherwise shown no signs of intelligent thought.

RPC-410 produces telepathic communications to selected individuals in the form of a recurring dream. Individuals appear to be selected based on a combination of proximity to RPC-410 and closeness to an ideal2. Dream invariably consists of an adolescent female trapped within a canopy bed, designated RPC-410-2. RPC-410-2 exhibits a continuous state of distress while producing a variation of the following dialogue:

Oh, valiant man, hear my cry. I cannot wake up; I have been asleep for centuries. Please, I beg you, come to my castle, and save me from this eternal slumber.

Selected subjects will then awaken with a subconscious awareness of RPC-410's location, becoming an instance of RPC-410-3. While not exhibiting any compulsions to interact with RPC-410, RPC-410-3 instances will typically experience recurring dreams, with subsequent interactions with RPC-410-2's increasing in desperation. This effect ceases upon RPC-410-2's agreement to interact with RPC-410. Prior to interaction, RPC-410-1 will provide a warning noting various hazardous obstacles impeding RPC-410-2's progression, however failing to clarify as to the specific nature of said obstacles. To date, no instance of RPC-410-3 has successfully returned from RPC-410.

Addendum 24/06/1936: Due to growing concerns over Germany's steadily growing military, the Global Directorate has agreed to permit a retrieval operation of RPC-410-2. A group of MSTs are to escort the current instance of RPC-410-3 inside RPC-410 and protect them from RPC-410-1 instances. Operation Sleeping Beauty is to be carried out on 04/07/1936.

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