Registered Phenomena Code: 408

Object Class: Neutralized

Containment Protocols: As RPC-408 is at a significant distance from Earth and Neutralized, no specific action is required.

Description: No empirical recordings of RPC-408 are currently in the Authority's possession. As such, the majority of the information present within this file is part of testimony provided by RPC-408 itself. Whether any of the information provided below is factual is open to scrutiny.

RPC-408 is presumably a semi-organic, Carbon-based life form encased in a spherical orb with a radius of roughly 192 km. RPC-408 appears to be yellow and amorphous. The orb, made from mostly iron-based alloys similar to steel, is covered by equally spaced-out holes with radii of roughly 500 m. Using these holes, RPC-408 exposes its appendages, which are tentacle-like and fulfill both grasping and sensory functions. Vacuum sealed eye-like structures are present within some of the sensory tentacles and guarded by heavy eyelids, the purpose of which is speculated to be protecting RPC-408 against solar winds.

The organs of RPC-408 fulfill roles similar to those present within the majority of multicellular organisms, performing a form of chemosynthesis alongside anaerobic cellular respiration, although are amalgamated with mechanical and mechanoelectrical parts necessary for their continued function. Based on the signals sent out by RPC-408, the augmentations were self-inflicted and caused by its cells lacking the ability to perform cellular duplication. The same is true for RPC-408's brain which became partially replaced with computer-like structures referred to as Auxiliary Units. They act as sites for long-term memory storage akin to the hippocampus, although collectively possess a form of sapience.

An example of this augmentation is its circulatory system, transporting yellow blood based on Coboglobin through arrangments of pump-like structures. Most notable, however, is RPC-408's stomach cavity that acts as a nuclear reactor operating on Helium-3 which the entity extracts from gas giants. Through the process of nuclear fission, RPC-408 can travel at 85% of the speed of light. The exact mechanism of this is as of yet unknown. RPC-408 has proven itself to be highly resistant to physical trauma, temperatures, g-force, and radiation. That being said, its encasement in a metallic orb suggests RPC-408's internal organs are more vulnerable.

RPC-408 is sapient and possesses the ability to communicate through radio waves. Using the aforementioned radio broadcast, RPC-408 was capable of dispersing information-rich signals regarding its nature and memoir over an unknown distance. This is accompanied by RPC-408's inherent ability for navigation in the vacuum. Upon encountering a new language, RPC-408 is capable of rapidly analyzing it until proficiency is reached. RPC-408's signals also decode themselves into encountered languages using a similar method. This is done with no context to the actual meaning of the language in question. The same is true for concepts such as mathematics which RPC-408 had no issue grasping and has shown itself to be proficient at. The means of this are as of yet unknown but are believed to be achieved through its bio-mechanoelectrical brain and other soft nervous tissue compartments.

From all received transmissions, RPC-408 was shown to be devoted to the process of terraformation.1 The reason behind RPC-408 creating Earth-like conditions is still being discussed. The most commonly put forward theory states that the planetary conditions similar to Earth are simply the most factually ideal for the development of life, although some believe that RPC-408 appeared with a false memory of an Earth-like planet that sustained life on which it unconsciously based its protocols.

"Terraforming Protocol" is a series of actions that RPC-408 takes in order to shift the atmospheric conditions of a planet so that it is suitable for maintaining life. The exact details and origins of this process are as of yet unknown, but involve RPC-408 embedding itself into the innermost geologic layer of a planet.

Data provided by RPC-408 points at the entity existing and persuing Terraforming Protocols for over 10 Billion years, although the date and means of RPC-408's creation are unknown to both the object and the Authority. If its accounts are to be believed, RPC-408 spontaneously appeared within a vacuum with an inherent understanding of concepts such as data recording, linguistics, hard sciences, and the nature of scientific observations.

Discovery: An unmanned INFLT drone first came in contact with RPC-408 after receiving data regarding one of its Terraforming Protocols in ██/08/1982. β-ZH6 used to be an uninhabitable planet in the Andromeda Galaxy with extremely high halogen concentration and an average temperature of -55°C orbiting a G-type main-sequence star with 1.1 solar mass designated α-ZH6.

During their survey into the asteroid belt, INFLT drones began receiving a large amount of data regarding the state of β-ZH6 from the then-unknown source. This included details regarding a 321 days long process of decrease in the atmospheric concentration of previously present halogens, mainly the non-metallic gaseous fluoride compounds, and an increase in Nitrogen and Oxygen.

Roughly 756 days after the beginning of the shift in its atmospheric composition, β-ZH6 performed an unnatural movement towards α-ZH6, changing its orbiting distance from 2.63 AU to 1.16 AU.2 This process lasted 1079 days. Further changes such as the decrease in both the mass and diameter over a period of 231 days followed. All the aforementioned augmentations occurred without the expected counter-reaction from such rapid physical and chemical changes.

Planetary Conditions Pre-RPC-408 Post-RPC-408
Average Temperature (°C) -55°C 14°C
Radius (km) 9'910 6'371
Orbit (AU) 2.63 1.16
Gravity (g) 1.43 0.98
Pressure (atm) 1.92 1

DEP-022 performed counterintelligence to assure that the received signals were not misinformation proliferated by a hostile or competing entity of interest. After confirming their legitimacy, additional surveillance was deployed. Its source was tracked down to the Alpha Centauri.3 An initiative centered on preventing information regarding RPC-408 from reaching Veiled space agencies was launched.4

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