Registered Phenomena Code: 406

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: Temperature Hazard, Replication Hazard, Mind-Control Hazard


An RPC-406 instance

Containment Protocols: All instances of RPC-406 are to be stored inside a secure vault in Site-079's Alpha Wing. Only authorized personnel are allowed to have access to the vault. These instances must be cataloged with red tags bearing the correct Registered Phenomena Code to avoid it being mistaken as a normal object. These tags must not be removed at all.

Personnel should not hold RPC-406 if not necessary to avoid any unwanted incidents. Any personnel other than CSD Personnel must not lit any RPC-406-Beta instance under any condition. An individual designated as RPC-406-1 must be reported, detained, and isolated immediately after confirmed so. Unnecessary communication with instances of RPC-406-1 is prohibited.

Instance of RPC-406-1 which has lit less than five RPC-406-Beta, they are eligible to be studied further and should be relocated to the humanoid containment cell. The temperature within the cell must be set to 70°F or above. Any test or interview involving an instance of RPC-406-1 should be conducted in a room with a similar temperature and two personnel must be present during these activities.

RPC-406-1 which has lit RPC-406-Beta more than the previously stated threshold must be terminated immediately after interviewed. RPC-406-1 which shown hostility toward personnel can be terminated immediately without interrogation. To conserve ammunition and prevent injury to Authority personnel, instances of RPC-406 can be alternatively terminated by a rapid decrease in the room temperature.

Description: RPC-406 consists of two parts, designated RPC-406-Alpha and RPC-406-Beta. RPC-406-Alpha is a matchbox made of cardboard with a blank white cover that contains approximately 50 matches, which are each designated RPC-406-Beta. Despite the writable material, the cover of RPC-406-Alpha cannot be defaced by known means.

When lit by a person, RPC-406-Beta will burn as normal. However, if RPC-406-Beta is unlit or its flame extinguished, the subject holding RPC-406-Beta will immediately experience a drop in body temperature and attempts to seek a source of heat, most commonly by lighting another RPC-406-Beta. Persons afflicted by cold brought on by RPC-406-Beta are to be designated RPC-406-1. The body temperature of RPC-406-1 will decrease further as more instances of RPC-406-Beta are lit by them.

RPC-406-1 is capable of manifesting an instance of RPC-406-Alpha from any available pocket on their clothes. If they do not have pockets, an instance of RPC-406-Alpha will manifest in their mouth instead. This instance of RPC-406-Alpha is intended to be given to another person. This new RPC-406-Alpha will appear empty to the RPC-406-1 who manifested it, but individual unafflicted by RPC-406-Beta will find 50 instances of RPC-406-Beta within. They can only manifest one RPC-406 copy until another RPC-406-1 instance is created due to RPC-406 given by them. When that happens, five extra RPC-406-Beta will manifest on RPC-406 belongs to the previous RPC-406-1 and a new RPC-406 copy will be available on them. RPC-406-1 appears to only be able to manifest one instance of RPC-406 at a time. When another RPC-406-1 instance created due to RPC-406-Beta from RPC-406-Alpha given by them, five instances of RPC-406-Beta will manifest within their instance of RPC-406-Alpha.

Below is a table of RPC-406-Beta’s effect on RPC-406-1 instances:

RPC-406-Beta taken Effect
1-5 Subject body temperature is slightly colder than usual, but this effect isn’t detrimental. Normal heat sources other than RPC-406-Beta, like the sun, can provide heat for the subject. However, they will mostly attempt to use another RPC-406-Beta instance.
6-10 Subject’s average body heat drops slightly. Any heat source other than RPC-406-Beta has less effect now.
11-30 Subject has an average body heat of 36C. Any heat source other than RPC-406-Beta now has no effect on RPC-406-1. RPC-406-1 will now attempts to increase the number of RPC-406-Beta instances by giving others RPC-406-Alpha.
31-40 Subject produces symptoms of mild to moderate stage of Hypothermia. One RPC-406-Beta no longer a sufficient source of heat, forcing them to take multiple RPC-406-Beta instances.
40-50 Subject cannot move. If they’re not provided an RPC-406-Beta, the Subject will receive a severe stage of Hypothermia. Note that all test subject only managed to survive until lightening 44-46 matches
51~ Until now, no subject has survived after lightening more than 46 RPC-406-Beta.

Discovery: RPC-406 first came to the Authority's attention on 25/12/2004 in [REDACTED], North Dakota, USA. Reports of fires in multiple buildings came at 04:00 a.m local time on that area. Local authorities managed to detain multiple persons involved with the fire. All suspects were showing severe symptoms of Hypothermia and couldn’t be interrogated. They’re later expired due to said sickness.

Local authorities also witnessed multiple civilians corpses on the street in the morning, all expired due to Hypothermia. All these reports prompted Authority investigation.

Forward: Below is footage recorded by Researcher Jerry during their observation on the area:

At 07:21 a.m local time, the Authority found a group of corpses gathered around a corpse of a female child on the area. All corpses there were dead due to Hypothermia. Surveillance camera footage from around the area was taken by the Authority for further investigation.

The following footage was retrieved from a shop across the street from the bodies and has been reviewed and concluded that it contains most of the information required:

The Authority has obtained 50 samples of RPC-406-Alpha, disposed of the corpses, detained all RPC-406-1 on the area, and amnesticized the surviving local population.

Incident-406-1: On 02/01/2005, Junior Researcher D. Janes was discovered to be an RPC-406-1 instance. He was recently tasked to assist in the research of RPC-406. It’s not clear when did he became an RPC-406-1 instance, but he’s been forcing CSD personnel designated for high-risk tests to take RPC-406-Alpha instances from him and light RPC-406-Beta from it before their tests. Surviving CSD was given amnestics and designated for another test immediately. These actions were not known by other personnel before this point.

He was then apprehended by Senior Researcher Dr. A. Frederick when D. Janes managed to trick him into lighting up an RPC-406-Beta given to him. Unfortunately, Junior Researcher D. Janes tried to escape from the security personnel and was shot and later died. Senior Researcher Dr. A. Frederick was interviewed shortly after this incident.

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