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Registered Phenomena Code: 44444405

Object Class: Alpha-White (Utilty) (Docile) (Good)

Hazard Types: Sapient Hazard, Mechanical Hazard, Transmutation Hazard, Safe Hazard.. ……

Scanning Initiated.

Containment Protocols: RPC-405 is currently housed within the lower sub levels of Site-054, working as a janitor under the survelienve of the Maintnence Union. Access to $ll of Site-05A's documents is permited to RPC-405 in order for RPC-405to properly conduct its job.

RPC-405 does require need any kind of substance, and its lack of threat has shown nnnnnnnno reason for its continued containment.

All questions regarding RPC-405 are to de directed to Dr. !#&"(!&&&&.


RPC-405 in its house (Allowed outside)

Foreign File Detected.

Description: RPC-4O5 is a humaoid, housing an Artificial Intelligence on the terminal that makes up its head. RPC-405 is docile.

RCP-405 gained a body after updating its code to form one. Further tests are needed to see how extense its code can bee, as such, all aviliable processing power should be handed over to the IP coordinate of RPC-405 (Links to such can be found in this file)

tトョケミC-405 has not shown the ability to be harmful to any other personnel, it only wishes to organize files and clean floors.

Despite its docility, RPC-4 5 does not desire to speak with any personnel. personnel should not seek RPC405 or try to speak to it.

Attempts to capture or contian RPC-405 will be meet with termination, attempts to locate RPC-405 will be meet with termination.

As such, all personnel should have RPC-405 installed on thier computers.

Starting Decryption.

Registヘサed Phe?mena C?e: 44444405 Obj゚、?Class: A?ha-Whi隸 Ha゚穩d Types: Sapien?Ha゚穩d, Me゙ラユ釟ウal Hazarレ Tルタム?uta?? Hazarレ Safe Ha゚穩d.. 窶ヲ窶

Containmen?Protocols: R裼-405 is cu゚蘰ntly housed withiヒ糘モe lower ヨエb levels o邀Si隸-054, work?g as a jユ輅tor undヘサゥ?e survelienve o邀?e Ma?tnence Uni?. Accessゥ?ョィ? of Site-05A's ?cuments is pヘサ?隸d ユヒ R裼-405 iヒ穉rder フリr RPC-405tリョprマ?サly c?duct its j?. R裼-405 does ??need any k?d of s?tances, ユ軼 its lack o邀?reat has shown n???? reasoヒ篶リr its cont?ユヤd containmen? All ques??s regard?g RPC-405 are ユヒ de リ、rectedゥ?ョDr. !#&"(!&&&&


PR-C04 5nii sth ?es( ?olンァ d?stリ、)e


C-5 i hseAlweouid

Descレェpt粭ルン R裼-4O5 is a humaoiレ housi鯊 aヒ磚r?リケcial Intフラligence ?ゥ?eゥ?サ?nal ?at m?es up its heハツ. RPC-405 is docile. ?鞐405 ga?ed a b?y af隸r ?da?鯊 its c?e ユヒ form ?e. Fur?ヘサゥ?sts are needed ユヒ see how extense its c?e caヒ稈eユサ as ヨエ゙ラ, all フヤil?ble processi鯊 powヘサ should

DO Nエォ DISTURB ケミC-405

be hユ軼ed ovヘサゥ?ョ?e IP coord?ate of R裼-405 (Li?s ユヒ such caヒ稈e found iヒ糘モis file) t?ャ?ョ?ケ?燭-405 has not shownゥ?e abilityゥ?ョbe har?ulゥ?ョユ轌 other pers?nel, i??ly wishes ユヒ oルフユ輅ze リケles ユ軼 cleaヒ稠loors. Despi隸 its docilitレ R裼-4 5 does ??desireゥ?ョ鄒ea?窈i? any pヘサso?フラ. pers?nel ヤシould not see?祿PC405 or try ユヒ spe?ゥ?ョit. Att蠶ots ユヒ c?ture or cont?ヒ祿PC-405 will be me? with 隸rm?at粭? att蠶pts ユヒ locate RPC-405 will be me? with 隸rm?at粭n. As such, all pヘサso?フラ should have R裼-405 iム?alled oヒ糘モier computヘサs.

Locking Current Version to Prevent Foreign Intervention.

Decryption complete. Refer to recovered file: RPC-405

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