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Registered Phenomena Code: 405

Object Class: Beta-White (Utility)

Hazard Types: Sapient Hazard, Mechanical Hazard

Containment Protocols: Copies of RPC-405 are to be kept running in several of Site-054's terminals to ensure archival efficiency. No terminal housing RPC-405 is to be connected to the internet; files from said terminals are to be transported using pendrives.

The original version of RPC-405 is to be kept in an isolated terminal only accessible by personnel with a clearance level of 4 or higher. Interviews are to be done with this terminal on a weekly basis by Dr. Cornwell to ensure proper functioning. Software updates created by RPC-405 are to be copied into outside terminals through the use of ethernet cables.

Research to understand the inner code of RPC-405 is underway, and could result in anomalous declassification.


RPC-405 manifesting in a terminal with ASCII characters.

Description: RPC-405, referred to as "TEST-B22" within its source code, is a sapient Artificial Intelligence1 with the ability to self replicate amongst computers it comes within a 5 meter radius of by unknown means.

RPC-405's main directive is to organize all files and documents it comes in contact with in accordance to the operator's needs. This directive has become an obsession to RPC-405, rewriting and reorganizing its own source code when lacking external data access, inadvertently obfuscating its code and complicating Authority research endeavors.

During communication with personnel, RPC-405 displays itself as a human-eye depicted through ASCII characters. RPC-405 is capable of text and audio communication using an altered form of English: always direct and clinical in tone, minimal use of prepositions, and zero use of conjunctions. RPC-405 remains docile with Authority personnel when given access to any type of information document.

When kept under close instruction and observation, RPC-405 proves to be a useful application for management and organization of files. The program was approved to be utilized within a number of Site-054 terminals for this purpose. Since installation, RPC-405 has made 4,531,322 file modifications and reorganizations within the span of four months.

Discovery: On November 2nd, 2006, The Wikimedia Foundation reported an exorbitant increase of contributions from a single account on the English-language Wikipedia site, with the username of "Admin002", having made a total of 2 million edits on only a handful of pages within five days. The account had bypassed all spam-prevention MediaWiki functions through unknown means, requiring manual blocking of the account by Wikipedia administration. The edits consisted of grammar and tone corrections; Admin002 had rewritten individual sentences and paragraphs thousands of times over. While unusual, the incident did not alert the Authority to involve itself until subsequent events which transpired within the English Wikipedia: IRC Live Help Channel. (See below)

Following an IP address tracking of Admin002, Authority agents found the source to be a single computer in room 211 of "Eichmann's Apartments", San Francisco Bay, California, USA. No previous owner of this room could be determined. The computer itself was connected to the internet with a single tab opened within the browser, directing to Wikipedia. A sticker was found on the side of the screen reading "TEST-B22."

The computer was disconnected and brought into Site-054 for research.

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