Registered Phenomena Code: RPC-4C-J

Object Class: Omega-Yellow, Utility

Hazard Types: Bio-Hazard, Emotional Hazard, Organic Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-4C-J is to be contained in a 10 cm3 low-density polyethylene container and stored at 4° C. The container is to have its locks engaged; these (4) are affixed to the top of the container and lock with indentations in the body to ensure a seal. RPC-4C-J is not to be stored consecutively for longer than 4 to 5 days.

RPC-4C-J is not to be engaged for any testing purposes without permission from Senior Research Admin Dr. Berry Naddle. These tests are primarily gustatory and olfactory in scope, and may not be extended to other means of research such as RPC-4C-J's textile or aerodynamic applications. RPC-4C-J is not to be allowed to prematurely decompose, prior to the furthest extent of its usefulness.

When engaged, RPC-4C-J is to be handled with a 21 cm oblong instrument that has a concavity formed at its farthest end. This concavity facilitates the ingress of RPC-4C-J to where it can be securely transported with minimal risk of spill. During engagement, RPC-4C-J is to be applied to a complex-polysaccharide surface and uniformly distributed over it as supply allows. If necessary, the resulting amalgam is to be fortified with a substrate of coagulated, enzyme-converted lactic acid.

RPC-4C-J is not to be left partially utilized. Any remainder of RPC-4C-J after engagement is to be brought to the attention of the Senior Research Admin, where it can be approved for compost processing if requisites for utilization are not met. RPC-4C-J is to be eliminated upon the onset of an odor, likely indicating its toxicity, which may be minimal to lethal.

If sighted outside its original and provisional site of containment, RPC-4C-J will likely be located in its secondary site in an identical containment apparatus. Heightened security measures are indicated at this secondary site, which is more public-accessible than is ideal. Unauthorized personnel of the Authority are by no means allowed to take the lack of tagging of RPC-4C-J as indication that it is safe to engage. Personnel must always exercise extreme caution when confronted with thoughts of utilizing RPC-4C-J for personal gain.

Description RPC-4C-J is my wife's leftover chicken salad that's pretty damn good. It has eggs in it but she didn't boil the egg yokes too much to where it is chalky and dry. More of a nougat-like golden center to them that makes the bite softer and not as tannic. The actual chicken is rotisserie too, so. Cajun seasoning I think.

Addendum 1: Is that relish in there too? I believe so. And the occasional crushed pecan? Well I'll be damned.

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