Registered Phenomena Code: 398

Object Class: Gamma-Black

Hazard Types: h-animated.png Animated Hazardh-auditory.png Auditory Hazardh-sentient.png Sentient Hazardh-transmutation.png Transmutation Hazard

Containment Protocols: Authority Emergency Suppressors are to be stationed in California, USA, with ASF "Compellers" on standby to delay RPC-398 through thaumaturgic and religious means if ASF Rapid Response Team "Ballroom Blitz" requires assistance or is otherwise incapacitated. All personnel assigned to RPC-398 are to have mandatory soundproof equipment attached to them at all times. CSD personnel who have undergone endurance training or have experience in synchronized dance are to be readily available upon manifestation of RPC-398 in case ASF Rapid Response "Ballroom Blitz" fails to integrate themselves into RPC-398 and successfully dissipate the entity. Unless CSD personnel attempt to reestablish containment of RPC-398, no personnel are to remove their soundproof equipment.

A mass evacuation order is to be permitted by Authority and government officials. Upon confirmation of RPC-398 manifesting, Authority personnel are to silence media outlets, shut down news broadcasts, detain reporters, and ensure denial of civilian transportation in the areas affected by RPC-398 with a cover story provided falsifying reports of an experimental government device malfunctioning while transitioning through the area.

Description: RPC-398 manifests every midnight on June 3rd and inconsistent dates in the month of October within a random graveyard located in areas surrounding California, USA. The entity's appearance is that of a human skeleton measuring 1.9 meters in height, with a dark pigmentation in the color of its bones, the letters "A.G." protruding from its cranium, glowing in a fluorescent hue in addition to a white hue around its figure.

RPC-398 is fully animate, and is capable of moving in motions not possible for most skeletal structures; bending, shrinking, extending, and modifying its physical form to seem fully elastic when a situation allows it to do so, causing it to be indestructible by current means, albeit capable of being temporarily delayed in its progress through thaumaturgy and religious iconography.

RPC-398's primary anomalous properties manifest when a living organism with a skeletal structure is within a range of which it is capable of perceiving audio caused by RPC-398, its skeleton will be expelled via [DATA REDACTED] in the event that the organism refuses to dance or collapses due to exhaustion. This leaves affected individuals fully conscious, still capable of breathing through unknown means, but unable to move in any considerable amount due to the lack of a skeletal system until eventual expiration due to accelerated decomposition.1 The skeleton that has been expulsed have been classified as RPC-398-1 instances.

The RPC-398-1 instance that has exited the subject will begin a synchronized dance, in which all RPC-398-1 instances will adopt the same physical properties of the primary RPC-398 anomaly, with a fluorescent glow to each RPC-398-1 instance, perfectly synchronizing their movements until reaching the primary RPC-398 instance, where each instance of RPC-398-1 will begin the dance routine anew, while other RPC-398-1 instances attempt to pull other living creatures into RPC-398's area of effect via forcefully dancing with the creatures until they enter RPC-398's area of effect, continuing to dance for 40 minutes thereafter, and then continuing to seek more living creatures2.

RPC-398's emitted audio is an acapella of Andrew Gold's "Spooky Scary Skeletons," with each instrument being played by multiple skeletons that have arranged other skeletons into instruments. Every skeleton added to RPC-398's entourage increases RPC-398's dB by 0.1 with each human skeleton, and 0.001 dB with each non-human skeleton.

Given the amount of RPC-398-1 instances in RPC-398's entorage manifesting with RPC-398, its current dB is hypothesized of being ███ dB with ███████ current RPC-398-1 instances, including a variety of non-human RPC-398-1 instances.

RPC-398's manifestation requires a grace period with its exponential increase in dB, increasing by 1 dB every 10 minutes until it reaches its former dB and entourage count prior to containment being reestablished. RPC-398's entourage will appear from the ground below RPC-398 during the grace period, joining it in its synchronized dance and continuing their attempts to bring more creatures into RPC-398's Area of Effect.

RPC-398 dissipates if its skull is removed during its dance by anything other than itself. The only possible way to remove RPC-398's skull is to implement CSD personnel with prior experience in synchronized dance and/or personnel with exceptional endurance into RPC-398's entourage; If they are able to reach RPC-398, they are able to remove its skull and cause RPC-398 to dissipate3. Upon RPC-398 dissipating, all remaining creatures affected by RPC-398 will have their skeleton immediately return to them with no observable discrepancies with enhanced physical properties4.

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