Registered Phenomena Code: 397

Containment Rating: Theta

Lethality Rating: Red
h-aggression.png Aggression h-sapient.png Sapient h-auditory.png Auditory h-organic.png Organic h-regenerative.png Regenerative


Image of RPC-397 in standard containment (Top & Bottom) split into two 1 liter containers, alongside relevant medical equipment

Containment Protocols: Only a single batch of RPC-397 may exist at any given time. Each batch must consist of no more than 2 Liters of liquid and must be stored in one or more transparent BPA-free plastic container(s). RPC-397 is to be stored securely and refrigerated, with a constant temperature of below 32°C. The refrigerator must have access to its own individual generator at all times, and 24-hour monitoring must also be ensured via camera.

No experimentation or testing with RPC-397 is presently authorized and this will remain until further notice. In anticipation of its decay rate, a new batch of RPC-397 is to be created every 72 hours, while the former batch must be disposed of through the use of a furnace. The creation process must be supervised by at least one Level-4 employee.

Only personnel approved by the acting Research and Development Supervisor1 may access RPC-397 for anything outside of what is stated above.

Description: RPC-397 is a chemical product with a short lifespan that, when administered to humans, enhances their physical prowess and induces intense tolerance for labor. RPC-397 is composed of a mixture called "the Vitalian Formula,"2 the mixture thereof being known only to the acting Research and Development Committee and the select group of scientists tasked with producing the formula. These scientists are required to undergo the administration of amnestics after their work is completed to ensure continued secrecy.

Upon synthesis RPC-397 will begin to ferment, a process that will finish in 36 hours. Upon fermentation, RPC-397 will work as mentioned previously. After this, however, RPC-397 will begin to deteriorate rapidly, losing its effectiveness in the exact same duration it took to ferment. Therefore, it is necessary to consistently recreate the formula.

Upon administration, RPC-397 initiates rapid hypertrophy of bodily muscle and mass, which is accompanied by enhanced endurance and cognitive abilities. Thorough medical evaluations have established that these changes arise from rapid chemical processes within the body, coupled with neurological rewiring. However, how RPC-397 induces these processes remains to be fully understood.

RPC-397 is ongoing development under the jurisdiction of the RPC Authority, and though it has demonstrated certain adverse effects, including depression and withdrawal, these have only been an issue during its current stage of development, and are being worked to be mitigated. Certain subjects have also reported hearing a singular voice, usually commanding or talking to them. Likewise, these effects are unintended, and ongoing efforts are being made to address and mitigate them as part of the developmental process. Upon completion of this process, RPC-397 will no longer pose any danger or threat and will serve exclusively for the betterment of the Authority.

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