Registered Phenomena Code: 393

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: Psychotronic

Containment Protocols: The shimmering, polished ceramic that encompasses RPC-393's form is locked away within a hard, steel locker of infinite darkness, thusly confined in a secure fortress. All masters of sciences and alchemical forms are to refrain from any dialog with their fellow man while in its vicinity, lest their tongues be overtaken by its terrible effect.

No man other than the ones directly watching and waiting upon RPC-393 shall be informed upon the nature of its effect, as to prevent the great men of science from changing their ways.

[TEXT IN DISPUTE] The fairer sex seems immune to RPC-393 affliction as such they may be preferable for staffing any castle stronghold which stores its incalculable and miraculous form.

Description: RPC-393 is a pearly white tea-cup, reflecting the startling lights of the laboratory like a shining mirror. The glorious golden handle is wrought from the finest alloy, dating back from ancient times, where men and beast walked hand-in-hand.

When a man lays his visage upon the luminous, pearly-white form that one may designate RPC-393, it will strike itself into his very soul, and embroider its mark upon the nature of his seeing. When the man describes his terrible experience of viewing RPC-393's form, the only possible method at his disposal by which to expel his language from his word-hole is to use grand prose, descriptive to an overt degree. This effect is so powerful in its own way, that it can extend itself to the tips of his dexterous fingers when he writes, or uses the unspoken word of signed language.

As the time one stands within RPC-393’s presence drags on, and on, men may be unable to communicate outside of the verbose manner inspired by it. After they are removed from its shadow, their manner of speech will reach an opposite apex, dashing away from the inspired muse and becoming a cold, logical automaton in human flesh. Stripped of their creative inspirations, these sad, half-men may suffer the most terrible winter depressions, losing their humanity and their hearts.

Even when those who were exposed to RPC-393 are regifted its majesty, it is an act committed in naught, as they will never again be able to regain what has been lost. This has been decided as a more useful property, since these men may act as translators and give interpretations for the brothers they have lost to verbiage.

RPC-393 was unveiled from a great library in Arkansas, after many men were given the veritable gift via its presence. These men were changed when it was removed, thus causing them great sadness. The power of thought banishing was a failure when applied upon them, and thus they gave in to such lamentations as had never been heard before.


Internal research department communications between Researcher Hornqvist and Doctor Kastner.

We've found that personnel accidentally exposed to the RPC-393 object have increases in productivity coupled with a massive decrease in living costs. They don't requisition anything other than the bare necessities, and have more or less spotless disciplinary methods. I've developed a project which may exploit this effect, and create a team to assist researchers. Nothing with direct involvement of new objects, just the stuff we know isn't a cognition hazard. - Rsr. Hornqvist

Granted, on the condition that it is a therapeutic testing program to make these personnel feel useful again, not to use them as human guinea pigs. - Dr. Kastner

The project has been going exceedingly well. We've completed and classified every object assigned to our team, in record time. Due to this exceeding our original project goals, I believe we should allow additional personnel to be exposed to RPC-393 to increase productivity further. I'd also like to allow my men to study objects previously classified. - Rsr. Hornqvist

Whilst more broad work permissions on more classified objects is permitted, the additional exposure of research personnel to anomalous objects never will be. Use your head, Horns. I know this pet project has you excited, but these are your co-workers, not cannon fodder. Treat them right. - Dr. Kastner

Our research on RPC-███ has been going splendidly! I believe that at our current rates of progress, we may be exceeding all expectations placed upon us by the project's original goals. Maybe, we can bring new light to these objects, and not simply allow them to be contained. We can understand them, if we have more men like this. - Rsr. Hornqvist

Get ahold of yourself. While the work has been impressive, it isn't the best we have at the site, and it definitely does not warrant the attention you seem to be giving it. You're being assigned psychological evaluations for this behavior, and temporarily removed from your research lead position. - Dr. Kastner

I beseech you, Director. Allow me to return to work! There is so much that I haven't done yet, and so much left to do. If I'm not permitted, I may go mad from the horror of it all. So much of my LIFE has gone into this, that having it torn away is far too much to bear!


Hornqvist has been quarantined as a possible victim of secondary 393 exposure. Research has begun to determine exactly why she was affected differently, and how we can prevent this from happening in the future. Currently, all her research personnel have been contained with her and the documentation has been slated for revision.

Documentation recovered from humanoid holding chamber 16-E:

Villainous FIENDS have taken from me what I love, my dearest team of men who were LIKE sons to me! Alas! Oh, the humanity! Thou shalt not be taken from me, I will not permit it. We will struggle together until we can work once more, to make this world better!

Research Log 393-E

Through the referral of Hornqvist's notes, and the debriefing interviews with her team, I have come up with a theory on how RPC-393 may operate. When the afflicted subjects are given access to someone who isn't affected, their condition improves. Likewise, people exposed to the affected ones begin to suffer from effects identical to direct RPC-393 exposure, whether or not they actually have been exposed and regardless of gender. Horns only knew that it existed, and was never briefed on its effect.

I’m proposing a major revision to containment procedures and description, in order to prevent further accidents similar to this incident. However, due to the current document being unusable, I suggest scrapping it and having the affected subjects write the documentation. I know that cognition hazard victims aren't usually allowed this, but these are special circumstances. —Dr. Kastner

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