Registered Phenomena Code: RPC-391

Containment Rating: Alpha

Lethality Rating: Yellow
h-transmutation.png Transmutation h-regenerative.png Regenerative

Containment Protocols: RPC-391 is to be kept indefinitely within an approved small container. Unauthorized handling and/or displacement of RPC-391 is prohibited. Current containment procedures and knowledge about RPC-391's properties have allowed the Authority to prevent RPC-391 from exhibiting any anomalous behavior, and as such, no further testing has been deemed necessary.



Description: RPC-391 is a gold chain necklace with an oval cut rubine red1 ruby. The chain is measured at 50 centimeters in length, while the ruby measures at 26 x 18 millimeters. Materially, the object appears non-anomalous.

The effects of RPC-391 manifest themselves when worn around the neck of a living organism, where RPC-391 will proceed to completely tighten its chain in less than a second, decapitating the wearer in the process, while also destroying itself due to the speed at which the chain hits the pendant. RPC-391 will then recreate itself using new materials identical to its own, at the nearest location where these materials are present. When this procedure occurs, melting and movement of the matter needed to recreate RPC-391 will take place, followed by the material molding itself into RPC-391 over a period of 10 minutes.

To date, RPC-391's recreation range has yet to be determined, with the current record set under Authority testing at 2.1 km. As a result of RPC-391 selecting locations containing jewelry to recreate itself, wealthy individuals are more likely to encounter RPC-391, these individuals are also more likely to wear RPC-391, as it damages surrounding jewelry during its reconstruction phase.

Following research on RPC-391, Authority researchers have concluded that RPC-391 has the capacity to identify its former remains and will only use new materials when reconstructing itself. As-of-yet RPC-391's ability to distinguish between the two remains unknown. It should be noted that RPC-391's effects can also be triggered if it is damaged or hindered during its reconstruction process. Thus far RPC-391's effects have been reactive, and if left untouched, the item will not display any abnormal properties.

Addendum-391-1: The following are excerpts from letters dating back to the French Revolution, prior to Louis XVI's2 trial. These letters are believed to have been written by an anonymous member of one of the factions within The Mountain3 political group, with some of their content believed to be making references to RPC-391.

Letter, November 1792 (Translated)
In spite of claiming to want Louis executed, some of our colleagues seem to lack the will to act on these beliefs, and seem ready to go forward with this charade of a trial. Despite knowing that this trial might end up in Louis' favor. Arrangements have been made to acquire the necklace. I'll inform you all as soon as I have it.

Letter, December 1792 (Translated)
I've successfully acquired the necklace. However, I realize that this plan may be more difficult to execute than originally planned. The trial is drawing near, leaving us with little time to act. Unless someone can make Louis wear the necklace, I see no way to achieve our goals.

Further information about RPC-391 during this time period could not be found. Louis XVI's trial proceeded as scheduled, and with no evidence that RPC-391 was ever in Louis XVI's possession, the Authority concluded that RPC-391 was never used due to the impending trial. As a result of the lack of information about RPC-391, questions about its origins and location following these events remain unanswered.

Addendum-391-2: After two centuries, RPC-391 resurfaced in France in 2014, when reports of individuals (and a pet) being beheaded by a necklace started emerging from the Picardie region. Personnel were able to identify and locate RPC-391 based on witnesses' visual descriptions of the necklace and by identifying patterns of behavior in the object's anomalous properties.

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