George Boston





An instance of RPC-390-1

Registered Phenomena Code: 390

Object Class: Beta Gamma-Red (See Incident Log 390)

Hazard Types: Visual Hazard, Memory Alteration Hazard, Ideological Hazard

Revised Containment Protocols: One instance of RPC-390-1 is to be contained in a zero-transparency page protector in Researcher Thompson's desk. It is to be used strictly for testing. Further instances of RPC-390-1 are to be destroyed by any means possible. Any instances of RPC-390-2 are to be terminated with extreme prejudice. Film cameras are banned within Site-002.1

Description: RPC-390-1 is a 215.9 by 279.4 mm white piece of paper with the words "George Boston" written on it with black marker. The paper exhibits a memetic effect that when read causes subjects to believe they are an entity named "George Boston."

RPC-390-1 instances are the words "George Boston" written by instances of RPC-390-2. These writings exhibit a memetic effect that mentally turns subjects that read them into an entity named "George Boston." These converted subjects are referred to as RPC-390-2.

RPC-390-2 instances share similar memories, theorized to be the memories of the original "George Boston." Beyond this point instance of RPC-390-2 have no observed anomalous properties. Instances of RPC-390-2 have displayed the ability to create instances of RPC-390-1 by writing the words "George Boston" in any physical medium2.

RPC-390-2 instances display similar mental traits including:

  • An increase in aggression against non-converted humans.
  • A strong desire to convince non-converted humans to become instances of RPC-390-2.
  • An obsession to collect anything featuring or displaying the name "George"
  • An irrational hatred of any and all people named "John"3
  • Religious tendencies.

Discovery: A report of spontaneous civil unrest in ██████, Ohio lead to Authority investigation. Instances of RPC-390-2 were found raiding homes in search of "Johns." Instances were restrained with great difficulty, leading to the termination of 7 subjects and the capture of 11 more.




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